They outperformed relief institutions… Moroccans dazzle the world with their solidarity with the earthquake victims

Moroccans impressed Twitter users with their spontaneous and quick response to support the victims of the earthquake that struck the country, leaving more than 2,600 dead and about 2,500 injured.

During natural disasters, governments alone cannot meet the needs of the afflicted without supporting civil initiatives, and feelings of unity, brotherhood, and belonging emerge.

Moroccans set an impressive example with their spontaneous action, which preceded even charitable and relief institutions, as hundreds flocked to shops to buy food and basic items of various kinds, and donate them to those affected by the earthquake.

The forms of support and assistance varied, each according to his ability and ability. In addition to what a large segment of the people did by purchasing and donating food and basic supplies, many participated in blood donation campaigns, while others used their cars to deliver aid.

Moroccans’ creativity in solidarity went beyond food support, including what was done by the young Moroccan Ali Al-Karakebi, who specializes in electric cars and charging stations, as he chose a smart way to help those affected.

He and his friends delivered the Internet to one of the areas affected by the earthquake via SpaceX satellites and the Starlink network. He confirmed in his interview with the Networks program that this helped those affected to communicate with their families, and also provided a source of lighting in that area.

Impressed and impressed

In its episode on (9/11/2023), the Shabakat program monitored some of the tweeters’ comments on this popular gift, including what Arjwan wrote, “I loved how they cooperated with each other, were patient, and strong. May God have mercy on those who died and compensate them with goodness, O Lord.”

Meanwhile, Mariouma wrote, “By God, the supermarkets in Marrakesh are empty because people bought everything and gave it to associations in order to deliver it to those affected. We thank God and thank Him. In Morocco, there is social solidarity and strong solidarity between the various social segments.”

Linda expressed her admiration for the general atmosphere of brotherhood and solidarity that spread throughout the Kingdom from Tangier to Lagouira, describing it as “a popular rally to help the afflicted and to respond to the call of the nation.”

As for Muhammad, he directed his message to Moroccans and wrote, “The Moroccan earthquake is not only a great disaster that befell our nation, but it is also an opportunity to strengthen Morocco by identifying the defects in the state’s wheels and infrastructure, fixing them, and increasing cohesion and synergy among Moroccans.”

While Tariq tweeted, asking, “Why are these stores, Medero, (don’t organize) discounts to help these humanitarian campaigns, and Zaid (in addition to) the rest of the companies, such as telecommunications, gasoline, and others… citizenship applies even to companies, not just citizens.”

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