They made a ranking with 12 politicians and there was an unexpected leader

One of the clearest symptoms of fed up with Argentine society with its political class They gave it, a couple of years ago, the classics image ranking. After a long time, all the leaders evaluated there ended up with balance against; that is, with more negative than positive weighting.

But in the last few days there was a exception. The consultant Closed evaluated 12 leaders and candidates of this electoral round, and the leader was a real surprise. Who is it about? Of Juan Schiarettithe governor of Cordoba, who he got almost 7 points on October 22.

The data attracted attention, but it has its explanation. Schiaretti was, perhaps, who made the best use of the two debates prior to the presidential election. In the first meeting, in Santiago del Estero, there was already a symptom: her name (and surname) was the most searched on Google during the television contest.

The governor, who also generated a fury of memes for their insistence on Cordobanism, He almost doubled his performance between PASO and the first round. Another proof that the debates had left him in a good position.

And in this survey of Closed it has just been confirmed. He is the only one of the 12 leaders evaluated who has more positive than negative image. With a very interesting gap, greater than 20 points: + 52% and – 30%.

Another salient piece of information is in the “do not know, no answer”of only 18%. Until the primaries on August 13, the Schiaretti’s Achilles heel as a national candidate It was his high level of ignorance. The two debates, both with ratings around 40 points, helped him fill part of that void.

The six politicians with the best image

Closed is a pioneering consultancy in online measurements, which usually publishes a monthly report detailing, among other things, the images of the main leaders.

Between the end of October and the beginning of November, the firm surveyed 1,750 national cases with +/- 2.3% margin of error.

Sorted by their positive image, the table can be divided into two. Among the six best, Schiaretti is the only one who ends up with more support than rejection.

Beneath him comes Javier Miley, which at some point also had a differential in its favor, but for a few months it has been mixed with the rest. On this occasion, the libertarian combines 45% positive and 49% negative.

The podium completes it Patricia Bullrichcon + 41% y – 53%. Fourth appears Sergio Massacon 38 weighting points in favorbut already with 60 rejection.

Fifth is Victoria Villarruel, Milei’s running mate, with + 35% y – 44%. And sixth Jorge Macri, with the same negative but with less positive: 31%.

The six politicians with the worst image

The bottom part of the table also has very well-known leaders. The two worstCuriously, they are the ones who hold the highest positions in the country: Cristina Kirchner and Alberto Fernández.

The vice president is second to last with 28% positive and 70% negative. He president, who knew how to lead these rankings during the start of the pandemic, is now a subscriber to the queue; in this case, with + 22% y – 76%.

It’s hardly better Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. The head of Government was another leader who, until not so long ago, marked these tables of images. Now, defeated and politically isolated, he ended tenthcon + 29% y – 60%.

Upstairs they are Axel Kicillof and Mauricio Macriboth with 31 points in favorbut former president con plus rating against: – 64% contra – 59% of the governor re-elected.

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