They develop intraocular lenses to see at all distances without glare and with improved peripheral vision

These lenses will benefit those who undergo cataract surgery, who will not have the need to wear glasses


The research team at the Optics Laboratory of the University of Murcia (UMU) has developed the first intraocular lenses so that patients undergoing cataract surgery can see from all distances, both near and far, without the need to have than wearing glasses and with improved peripheral perception.

Thanks to these lenses, the quality of life of people who undergo this eye surgery, which is the most performed in the world, will improve. In addition, this advance can also benefit people with presbyopia, replacing the crystalline lens with this type of lens, according to sources from the educational institution in a statement.

Among the innovations that these new lenses provide, it is also worth noting that they avoid flares and halos and nighttime lighting effects that are usually typical in the multifocal lens designs that are currently marketed.

Voptica SL, a spin-off company arising from the Optics Laboratory of the University of Murcia, has begun to market these new lenses, developed thanks to the research of professors Pablo Artal, Eloy A. Villegas, Pedro M. Prieto and Jose Mª Marín , in collaboration with the Oftalvist la Vega clinic (Murcia) and the staff of Voptica SL.

The ‘Journal of Refractive Surgery’ has recently published the first clinical results on visual performance, independence from glasses and the quality of vision at different distances of the new intraocular lenses, called ArtIOLs; specifically the Art40 and Art70 models.

During the trial period, the lenses were implanted in 60 eyes of 30 patients so that one eye had the Art40 model and the other eye the Art70 model.

These lenses were designed in the shape of an inverted meniscus to improve peripheral visual quality and with an aspherical surface to encourage different depths of focus. This combination allowed most patients to have clear vision at all distances without wearing glasses and without adverse light effects, typical of multifocal lenses.

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