Their father called them the sky, clouds and clouds.. The Saudi Meteorological Center presents gifts to 3 twins in Najran

The National Center of Meteorology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia presented gifts to 3 female twins in the Najran region. Their father named them Sky, Clouds and Clouds, as a tribute to naming them with names used daily in weather monitoring operations.

And the Saudi Ministry of Health said – in a tweet on Twitter last Friday – “After 6 years of waiting, a citizen, thanks to God, will have 3 twins, whom he named (Sky, Cloud, Cloud), at the Maternity and Children Hospital in Najran, southwestern Saudi Arabia.”

For its part, the National Center of Meteorology announced its initiative to visit and present gifts to newborns in their home in Najran. And he said In a tweet on Twitter, “We congratulate you, sky, clouds, and clouds. On this occasion, the center is pleased to present a special gift to the beautiful weather elements, asking God to protect them from all evil.”

The meteorologist’s congratulations to the citizen were well received by many social media activists, who described it as a “beautiful initiative.”

Source : Al Jazeera + Sanad Agency + social media sites

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