The young man who received a kick in the head and is brain dead: Who is Lautaro Alvaredo?

Alvaredo was savagely attacked outside a bowling alley in the Buenos Aires town of Laferrere. A family member’s story to describe it.

Lautaro Alvaredo.  Photo: NA.
Lautaro Alvaredo. Photo: NA.

Lautaro Alvaredo has 19 years and for a brutal attack outside a bowling alley in the Buenos Aires town of Laferrere, which included a blow to the head, has brain death. He is a young man who had barely finished school and had hope for a professional future, since he wanted to study business administration. However, He also acted as an adult, since he had to work to help at home.

They are Aunt Camila He said that the boy “He worked in a chemical products store and helped make the delivery, and on weekends he was in charge of the sound for the shows that his father offered in the bars of González Catán.”

The objective was only one: “Bring the mango home.” In turn, his relative, in dialogue with Clarín, mentioned that Alvaredo was a music lover, especially the quartet, a genre that he knew very closely, because his father, Diego, had a band.

“So he began to accompany his father and gave them a hand with the sound in each recital they did. He began to timidly collaborate until he became one of the group, but under the stage”he related.

He also said that Lautaro “He was known for solving problems. He was always ready. A healthy, well-dressed, homely kid who solved things like an adult. He took care of his siblings and took them or picked them up when necessary.“.

The young man loved to play soccer. A Boca fan, he also had a certain fanaticism for cars, which is why he used to go to shows and exhibitions. It was about a boy who didn’t like going out dancing. “It was the third time that Lautaro went out dancing. The condition was that he go and return in a remise, and they killed him anyway,” his father said this Wednesday.

Lautaro Alvaredo.  Photo: Twitter Lautaro Alvaredo. Photo: Twitter.

Attack on an elderly man in Boedo.  Photo: NA.

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A young man was hit in the head at the exit of the bowling alley and is brain dead

Lautaro went out dancing and received a kick in the head during a fight outside the Cyrux bowling alley in the Buenos Aires town of Laferrere, for which he suffered brain death.

On the weekend he had decided to go out to have fun with his friends at a bowling alley, for the third or fourth time, according to his family. Inside the establishment, a colleague had an argument with another over broken glasses and the fight continued outside the establishment.

It was there when Lautaro got into the fightbut in the middle he fell to the floor and at that moment he received a fierce kick in the head that caused him seizures and then brain death.

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