The young man beaten in a fight remains brain dead and they are looking for three suspects – News

The 19-year-old young man who was beaten in a fight outside a bowling alley in the Buenos Aires town of Gregorio de Laferrere, in La Matanza, remained hospitalized today with brain death, while three suspects are being sought for the attack, they reported. today police and judicial sources.

The spokespersons said that Lautaro Diego Alvarado (19) is still hospitalized in a clinic in Moreno, where he was referred after the beating he suffered early Monday morning, when he went to a bowling alley with friends.

In search of three suspects, the Justice Department ordered several raids, although at the moment they gave no results,

The incident occurred when Lautaro and his friends went to the “Cyrux” bowling alley, located on Luro and Pedro Obligado avenues, in Laferrere.

According to what has been established so far, a fight broke out at the dance venue between the group that included Lautaro and other young people, which moved to a square located 100 meters away.

At one point in the fight that involved several young people, Lautaro fell to the floor, where he received severe blows to the head until he became unconscious.

The young man was first taken to the Germani Hospital, Gregorio Laferrere, and then transferred to the Mariano Moreno Clinic, where he is currently hospitalized with brain death.

One of the friends who was with the victim at the time of the fight stated that the incident began when a young man fistfighted one of the members of his group because they had broken his glasses inside the bowling alley.

For this reason, the premises’ security personnel decided to expel all those who had participated in the fight.

The exit of the victim and his friends from the bowling alley was recorded by a security camera in the same bowling alley and until that moment no acts of violence were noticed.

However, Lautaro and his friends walked towards the Plaza Ejercito de los Andes, located less than 100 meters from the dance venue, and there they were attacked with blows.

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