The World Weightlifting Championship kicks off today in Riyadh

Today, Sunday, the World Weightlifting Championship for adults will start at the Ministry of Sports hall in the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Olympic Complex in Riyadh. In the presence of the President of the International Weightlifting Federation, Muhammad Jalloud, and the heads of the national federations participating in the tournament.

The tournament organizing committee has completed all its preparations. To open the first championship of its kind in the world in the history of weightlifting, since participation in it is mandatory to qualify for the Olympics (Paris 2024), as it will witness the participation of 2,500 male and female athletes, representing more than 170 countries from different countries of the world.

The Organizing Committee began its preparations for the tournament more than a year ago, since the announcement of Riyadh hosting the tournament, in terms of issuing visas, choosing nine hotels to settle the participating missions, and naming the logistical, media, medical, administrative and volunteer teams, in addition to agreeing with international companies specialized in weightlifting equipment. This is to produce the tournament in a way that befits the reputation of this sport in the Kingdom.

The committee allocated 20 buses that operate 16 hours a day to transport the athletes from their residences to the training and competition halls, where more than 70 training platforms were provided for the athletes, whose training schedule was approved by the International Weightlifting Federation from eight in the morning until ten in the evening.

The Doping Committee will be present in the tournament, as it will examine more than 50 examination samples daily, in addition to publishing awareness leaflets printed in the training halls, with the aim of raising awareness about the danger of using doping on human life in general, and the athlete – in particular -.

The organizing committee of the tournament established an integrated media center equipped in all respects, including a dining corner, a fast internet connection service, and a corner dedicated to answering the inquiries of more than 60 media professionals from different countries of the world.

For its part, the Organizing Committee announced that the public would be allowed to attend the opening and competitions of the championship throughout the days of the tournament for free, and the committee also provided seats prepared for the audience and close to the competition platforms, to get the best opportunity to see the world weightlifting stars up close.

In turn, the President of the International Federation of the Game, Muhammad Jalloud, praised the great efforts made by the organizing committee to make the tournament a success, noting that the great success that accompanied the World Youth Weightlifting Championship, which was hosted by the Jeddah Governorate in 2021, had the greatest impact on the selection of the international community for the weightlifting game, to be The Kingdom is the first transit station to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

He praised the new sports equipment provided by the organizing committee for this tournament, adding that this matter indicates the committee’s keenness on the comfort and safety of all participants in the tournament, which will contribute to providing high technical levels throughout the days of the tournament.

While the Director of Competitions of the International Federation of the Game, “Matheus Linser”, praised the halls for daily training and competitions, indicating that the close distance between the halls and residences; It confirms beyond any doubt that the Organizing Committee has taken upon itself to provide all means that contribute to the success of the tournament.

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