The violinist of Real Street in A Corua, with Carlos Baute on TV

Anderson Quintiliano participated as a guest on the RTVE program Dos increbles, where the Venezuelan singer remembered how he met him playing in the city center.

16 nov 2023 . Updated at 05:00 a.m.

What a surprise, the street violinist! exclaimed the singer. Carlos Baute when he saw Anderson Quintiliano. The production team of RTVE program Of the incredible in which the Venezuelan artist participates, he decided to invite the musician who enlivens the downtown area of ​​the city, especially Calle Real. A few months ago, Baute met him during a visit to A Corua and commented on it on social networks. Talking to him, seeing how much effort he puts into carrying his sound, music stand, sheet music…, with the only motivation that people passing by listen to him, is when I am pleased to be in an environment where what moves us is the love for music above anything. Anderson, thank you for sharing that time, for playing my song and for giving music that, on a bad day, can make you smile. To all the musicians who are playing daily, a huge hug, from those who fill concerts to those who play in the most remote places, Baute highlighted.

Anderson, who left Brazil to settle in Galicia almost a decade ago, plays the violin with his smile. She is one of those people who touches your heart with her music and her friendliness. In the program, Baute remembered when he met Anderson by chance and they showed images of them both playing the famous Hanging in Your Hands together. The television appearance ended with great applause when the presenter announced that he was present in the audience. Our Anderson (he is already a chorus ms) continues taking steps in his musical career without losing sight of Real Street.

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