the video of his first public kiss

Among the many celebrity couples that exist, the ones that make up Taylor Swift y Travis Kelce It is one of the ones that most revolutionizes networks. The relationship between the singer and the athlete was not confirmed until last October with a series of photographs together that dispelled all kinds of doubts. Since then, Swift’s attendance at the football player’s games and his attendance at his concerts made this courtship one of the most talked about by her fans.

Every date, every outing and even every look and gesture. Everything around them was worthy of analysis for the followers of both. However, this extensive search for the most intimate gesture did not come to an end. Or at least not until today.

The singer of Love Story o Cruel Summer came to Buenos Aires to begin the Latin American stage in its Eras Tour. A concert highly anticipated by thousands of people that ended up being one of the most viral for a simple reason: The first kiss had finally arrived!

Taylor Swift kisses Travis Kelce live

In the middle of the concert and under the watchful eye of 80.000 personas, Taylor Swift He ran to the back of the stage to give it a passionate kiss to your couple. An action that provoked screams and applause not only from those present but also from all his fans.

Until now, their relationship was already fully confirmed, but a kiss between the couple had never been seen, not even on their social networks. However, everything indicates that they wanted to do it in a big way, because this was not the only surprise of the night, but the artist had another one in store for Kelce in the lyrics of her song Karma.

Travis Kelce’s reaction to new ‘Karma’ lyrics

The original lyrics of the song went as follows: “Karma is the guy on the screen coming straight home to me.” While the one Swift sang at the concert said: “Karma in the guay in the Chiefs coming straight home to me”. A small wink that the Kansas City Chief player caught from the first second under the emotion of everyone present and the singer’s father, Scott Swift.

His reaction left no one indifferent. Surprised and excited Travis Kelce put his hands on his head while he danced to the music. A great moment that has already gone around the world.

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