The UAE is the third in the world according to the Edelman Trust Index 2023

The United Arab Emirates has once again maintained its position as one of the most united and reliable countries in the world, according to the Edelman Trust Index 2023.

The latest report, which surveyed more than 32,000 respondents in 28 countries, showed that despite the challenges the world faces, solid confidence has emerged in the United Arab Emirates, as it ranked third among the most trusted countries surveyed.

Its 4 institutions, which are measured by the index: “the government, companies, non-governmental organizations and the media,” also recorded high levels of confidence. The government again topped the list as the most trusted institution, accounting for 86%, followed by companies with 78%.

The high levels of trust in the state is attributed to the respondents’ conviction that its government, institutions and non-governmental organizations are qualified and committed to ethical standards. The country also ranked high in terms of economic optimism.

Whereas, 72% of the participants believe that their and their families’ economic conditions will be better in the next 5 years, compared to only 40% of respondents globally who said that their and their families’ economic conditions will improve within 5 years, which represents a decrease of 10 points worldwide compared to By 2022.

Firm confidence in state institutions reinforced the sense of cohesion and unity. On the other hand, other countries in the world witnessed sharp polarization and weakness in their social fabric as a result of the lack of trust to a large extent in governments, and the lack of a common identity. In this context, Omar Al Qurum, CEO of Edelman Middle East, said: “Economic optimism continues to diminish globally.

Twenty-four of the 28 countries in our study had the lowest levels of optimism on record. Fifty-three percent of respondents globally said their countries are now more divided than they were in the past. Although the lack of trust exacerbates polarization around the world, the United Arab Emirates contradicts this trend once again, as it stands out as a unified country, according to the Edelman Trust Index 2023 report.


Al Qurum added, “The clarity of the UAE’s long-term social and economic policies has contributed to its position as one of the most popular destinations in the world, attracting residents, businesses and tourists, while preserving its unique cultural heritage and identity.” And while continuing to maintain high levels of confidence in the state.

Other highlights of the report included: The influence of brands contributes to strengthening the common identity, as 75% of the respondents believed that brands’ interest in common interests contributes to strengthening the social fabric.

The 4 institutions (the government, companies, non-governmental organizations and the media) constitute reliable sources of information in the country and are the most reliable sources of government information.

As for the result of “Experts are trusted”, the index showed that there is confidence in experts and leaders of institutions such as journalists by 61%, scientists by 84%, and CEOs by 68%. According to the point: “CEOs are expected to express their opinion,” the report showed that 79% of respondents expect CEOs to take a public stance on climate change, while 84% of them expect leaders to support good treatment of employees.

The Edelman Trust Index 2023 is the company’s 23rd annual survey of trust and credibility.

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