The two poets, Al-Adwani and Bouvetian, reviewed their poetic experience in the closing session of the media forum

Atef Ramadan

The last session was a poetry meeting moderated by Shaima Rahimi from Bahrain, with the participation of the Kuwaiti poet Faisal Al-Adwani and the Iraqi poet Raed Bouftian, where they reviewed their poetic experience and reviewed a number of poems that won the admiration of the audience.

The poet Faisal Al-Adwani said that the successful poet is the one who loves poetry so that he can be creative, indicating that he does not like the poetry of satire, and that his poems are patriotic and social, for example.

For his part, the poet Raed Bouftian said that talent in poetry is not enough, and the poet must have a presence with recitation, and that he be a reader and an intellectual.

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