The tie left them almost out of the League Cup

With a highly controversial ending, San Lorenzo and Boca tied 1-1 and were left practically without a chance in the League Cup and complicated to enter the next Libertadores Cup by the annual table, when 6 points remain at stake. The dubious last sequence perfectly paints the exciting match that was played at the Nuevo Gasómetro.

Nahuel Barrios He had scored a great goal to make it 2-1 for the home team and the delirium of all the fans, but from the VAR, Jorge Baliño saw a millimeter advanced position of Federico Girotti at the start of the action and the referee Pablo Echavarria annulled the goal to the fury of many plateistas, who They remembered the trip of Federico Beligoy, the boss of the referees, to Rio de Janeiro.

The game was interesting to observe and analyze the messages that the teams and coaches were going to send. One, Boca, was playing after the painful defeat against Fluminense in the Maracaná final and the resignation of Jorge Almirón as coach; the other, San Lorenzo, was looking to break the streak of 10 games without victories in the League Cup to keep its chances of qualifying for the next Libertadores intact.

Boca’s signals began with the change of captaincy, a significant fact. Almirón had decided that Sergio Romero would be the point of reference against Fluminense due to the expulsion of Marcos Rojo. That determination did not sit well with some members of the squad. Then, Mariano Herrón, the current interim, chose to return the tape to Guillermo Pol Fernández. Did Chiquito say something?

Regarding football, the coach played it safe with a compact 4-4-2. And Boca did not shine, but they played better than San Lorenzo in the first half and deserved to go into the break with an advantage because they accumulated a couple of clear situations, including two shots against the woodwork.

Luis Advíncula y Valentine Boat They were once again the ones who showed the most rebellion. An issue that must begin to be debated in Boca is the position of Christian Medina, who does not perform lying on the right as he does in the center. The feeling is that he is wasting a great talent. Furthermore, Pol Fernández fails to take off as a mixed midfielder.

In the Gasómetro he shared the field with Campuzano and they collided in several passages. The captain should have been the more offensive midfielder of the two, but he repeated himself in backward passes and never ran forward in a dribble. He played Pol trot and it is not a position to do so.

Cavani continues to be erratic with the goal in Boca.  Photo: Marcelo Carroll - ClarínCavani continues to be erratic with the goal in Boca. Photo: Marcelo Carroll – Clarín

Boca handled the ball in the first half and reached almost 70 percent possession. He needed to accelerate in the final meters to be more dangerous. He only did it when Barco or Medina were closed. Merentiel took a while to come into the game and when he did the team grew. The Uruguayan left his compatriot Cavani alone, who defined Batalla’s body as weak. The clearest was a header from Figal that hit the post.

And what can we say about San Lorenzo. Ruben Darío Insua is a man of firm convictions: he always plays the same. For Gallego, contexts do not matter to him nor do they alter him. El Ciclón stood with a 5-4-1 defensive formation that at times was 6-3-1 because Leguizamón played as a second right back. The public on several occasions asked the footballers to be more daring. But Insua continued in his imperturbable posture. The local team did little in attack and only posed danger with some counterattacks that ended in nothing. Giay and Leguizamón did not weigh on the right and Nahuel Barrios lost more than he won in his one-on-one with the powerful Advíncula.

He moved the Insua bank in the complement, although he changed name by name. Boca quickly took the lead with a nice goal from Merentiel after a counter-attack led by Barco. The locals protested because there was a foul by Pol Fernández against Barrios sequences ago, but Echavarría had given the advantage. Girotti lost it and the counterattack was lethal.

Later, Insua put all the forwards on the field and the team started. He lacked Boca’s legs to take advantage of the spaces; Perhaps Herrón took a long time to refresh the attack. Figal almost scored a great goal: between Batalla and the crossbar they denied him the goal. With 15 minutes left, The tireless Bareiro tied after a very bad start from Chiquito Romero.

The end was attack by attack. Until Batalla sent a long delivery, Girotti brought it down and Barrios scored a great goal. It was delirium and anger (some plate members tried to attack journalists from the television networks) in a few seconds. Because Echavarría attended to the VAR and annulled the goal. To later decree an equality that served no one.

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