The son of the mayor of Baradero arrested for the crime of a pork producer declared and denied everything

The lawyer for the son of the Mayor of Baradero, Jorge Lima, said that his client “had nothing to do with it”

Felipe Sanzio (19), the eldest of the five children of the mayor of Baradero re-elected last October, Esteban “Tito” Sanziowas arrested this Wednesday in the automotive company where he worked accused of being part of the gang of criminals that murdered the pork producer Gustavo Desimone (50) during a robbery in his villa last August. This Thursday, he was questioned by the prosecutor in the case and “denied everything.”

This was revealed to the press Jorge Lima, Sanzio’s lawyer. He said that his client testified and answered the questions asked by the prosecutor of UFI No. 7 of San Pedro, decentralized from the judicial department of San Nicolás, Maria del Valle Vivianiwho accuses him as co-author of the crime of homicide criminis causa.

“In addition, he denied any connection with the incident and He presented testimonies that show that he was working and returning home at the time of the incident.. “He had nothing to do with it,” the lawyer said about what his client did on August 30, the day the pork producer was killed: they found him tied up, hooded and shot in the back on his property in the Colonia Switzerland neighborhood, a few meters from provincial route 41, in the rural area of ​​Baradero.

In addition to Sanzio, they would be involved in the murder Fabián “Del Sol” Fernández, Matías Brey, y Ramiro “Chinito” Rey Bacareza (of was imprisoned in a police headquarters of the Zárate party since September 6 for another case of robo).

Felipe Sanzio is accused of homicide criminis causa (Photo/Facebook)
Felipe Sanzio is accused of homicide criminis causa (Photo/Facebook)

Judicial sources consulted by Infobae revealed that the arrest of the young man and his accomplices was thanks to a key witnesswhich revealed detailed information about the band’s plan, who would be involved and the role played by each of them.

That August 30, around 7 o’clock, which is when investigators believe the crime happened, according to Sanzio’s lawyer, his client was traveling home in a bus full of people: “There is a transport from the Toyota company which takes almost an hour to return. He took it and got out with people. He has proven this entire journey. I believe that Justice was a little quick to stop him because he only has the testimony of one person.which is not a direct accusation, because he didn’t see anything either.”

Thus, Lima and his team targeted the 22-year-old witness with a confidential identity who incriminated the gang and the Mayor’s son. “It appeared surprisingly in the file. He spontaneously showed up at the police station in circumstances that are very strange for a criminal trial and a statement is taken from him where he provides a series of information that, more than a witness, It would seem that it was the person who is directly involved in the incident“, they maintained.

Gustavo Desimone, the pork producer murdered in Baradero
Gustavo Desimone, the pork producer murdered in Baradero

The lawyers’ hypothesis is that Felipe’s arrest is the result of false testimony. “Yes ok knows the rest of the detainees, they did not frequent each other. Our client did not know the victim,” they concluded. Sanzio will remain in prison.

At this time, Brey, Rey Bacareza and Sanzio are accused as co-authors of homicide cause of crime. Fernández, meanwhile, was charged as necessary participant of the robbery, since the file shows that it was he who provided the necessary data to begin planning and then executing the bloody robbery.

The case generated commotion in the town that is governed by the detainee’s father. Fairly, Esteban Sanziowho was re-elected last October as mayor, indicated in a statement on the same day of his son’s arrest that, after being informed of the arrest, he can only “express perplexity at the news”. And he added: “I completely do not know the reasons that generated the judicial diligence, but I have full confidence of his innocence”. He also said that, at that time, he was unaware of “the content of the judicial proceedings.”

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