The “Social Studies” exam reveals differences between high school students

The opinions of the twelfth grade students differed about the social studies exam questions, as the general track students reported that the test was easy in its entirety, and they finished it on time, while the advanced track students explained that the exam included various questions between easy and difficult, some of which highlight the differences between the students. Students, yesterday, for the test electronically only, and the test came in 4 paragraphs, and each paragraph 5 questions.

For their part, public and private school administrations that apply the Ministry of Education curriculum emphasized the ease of the social studies exam, which was within the reach of all students, and took into account individual differences, noting that they had not received complaints or observations from students regarding their questions.

And she continued: No cases of absence or cheating were recorded, and the indicators of students’ opinions about the tests since their inception are promising, which reflects the students’ abilities to absorb the school curricula, noting that the questions were within the curriculum and the educational structure, on which the students were trained.

The students conclude their exams on June 16, while the results will be announced from June 22 to June 26, according to the seminars. The institution has a period between July 6th to 12th for the re-examinations, and its results will be announced on July 13th and 14th.

A number of students described some of the questions as unclear in purpose and similar, as the electronic exam included a question about artificial intelligence, and that the graph was unclear and its choices were similar.

Abd al-Rahman Abdullah Jameh, Musa Harzallah, Ali Ahmed and Hamad Issa told Al-Bayan: The social studies exam included an electronic paper with 22 questions, as it contained 2 to 3 indirect questions, especially a question related to a graph of one of the questions about the future. Artificial intelligence, stressing that it is indirect, which led to their dispersion in choosing the correct answer, and they described the rest of the questions of the electronic paper as direct, and within the reach of the average student.

For his part, Jassem Fayez, principal of Hatem Al-Taei School in Umm Al-Quwain, confirmed that most of the social studies exam questions were far from memorization and memorization, and at the level of the average student. An exam comes to measure individual differences among students.

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