The secret and free plan to celebrate Almudena Day in Madrid that Madrid residents don’t want you to know about

Maybe the capital is the place with the most things to do from Spain. Sometimes it even generates frustration not to be able to do everything, due to lack of time and, to be honest, lack of budget. Because from Madrid to heaven, but only if you have a good salary to cover all the new plans that arise every day. That’s why, If they offer us a free plan it is always yes. Chss…it’s secret and few know it.

The secret and free plan that we bring today Only true Madrid residents know him, those who explore the city center without a map and without getting lost in the jumble of streets. It is a great idea to do any day of the year, but if you take advantage and catch November 9 in the middle you will celebrate Almudena Day like a real “cat”.

It’s about a secret viewpoint with views of the Almudena Cathedral and its beautiful domes. But one that is not crowded with people and that very few know or know how to find. It is located in the Blind Hillright next to a park with green spaces that makes it even more idyllic.

On days when it’s good You can go on a picnic and there are always people playing the guitar. But it also has one of the most beautiful sunsets in Madrid At any time of year. Of course, there is better plans if it rains in the capital which we recommend as an alternative if it rains. But if not, this is a precious secret.

Photos | @felipepelaquim via Pexels, @ohlileven.

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