The richest cats in the world… their fortune is 300 thousand dollars

Seven American cats have been on the throne of the richest in the world, after these cats overnight have 300 thousand dollars, and accordingly, these cats may live the most luxurious life in the world compared to their peers.

In the details published by the British newspaper (METRO), and viewed by, the owner of these seven cats died in the US state of Florida, and left her cats an inheritance of 300 thousand dollars, but the interesting thing is that these seven cats are now up for adoption after The departure of her only breadwinner from this world.

Nancy Sawyer celebrated her eighty-fourth birthday last November with a friend, her nurse, and her cats. Three days after that celebration, she died. Sawyer’s cats lived alone in her $2.5 million mansion in Tampa, Florida, because she was afraid Moving or separating them from each other can lead to a feeling of distress.

“Cats should never be left alone in a large home,” said Sherry Silk, executive director of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. “I will personally make sure we can keep as many as possible together and that you go to the perfect home,” she added.

The Humane Society had nearly $300,000, an estate that Sawyer had bequeathed to cover the care of her cats for the remainder of their lives.

“This money is to fund all the vet care, all the grooming, all the food, everything these cats need,” Silk added. And she continued, “We will take care of her because of Nancy’s request, which is wonderful.”

As of last Wednesday, the Humane Society had already received about 100 applications to adopt these luxurious cats.

“She’s definitely a cat lady,” Silk said of Sawyer. “I think she’s had cats her whole life. Those cats were her family…” She added that the cat lady left a good example for other pet owners, even if they weren’t wealthy.

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