The production head of the Fauda series died in the Gaza Strip: We are devastated

November 12, 2023 – 10:18

The 38-year-old died while fighting against the Israeli Army in the northern Gaza Strip.


The entertainment world is shaken by the news of the death of Matan Meir, production manager of the renowned series Fauda. The 38-year-old died while fighting against Israeli Army, in the north of the Gaza Strip. “The cast and crew are heartbroken by this tragic loss,” they wrote on the series’ official account when they announced the news.

“We are devastated to share that one of our Fauda family members, Matan Meir, He died in combat in Gaza. Matan was an integral member of the crew,” they expressed on the @FaudaOfficial account, after learning the terrible news.

In this sense, they stressed: “The cast and crew are heartbroken by this tragic loss. We extend our deepest condolences to Matan’s family and friends. May his soul rest in peace.”

At the same time, also the protagonist of the series, Lior Razlamented the loss of the producer. “Resan Matan Meir, 38 years old, Odem, a fighter from the 697th Battalion, 551st Brigade, fell in battle in the northern Gaza Strip. Matan, member of the team of the four seasons of Fauda“, detailed who plays Doron Kavillio in the series.

“Matan loved you. Rest in peace. Thank you for everything,” concluded the message she posted on her Instagram account. The publication quickly added thousands of “Likes” and messages offering condolences to the loved ones of Meir, who died during the day on Friday.


What Fauda is about

Fauda is a Netflix original series, which has four seasons and began in 2015. Currently, it is the most popular series that exists about the conflict that is currently developing in the Gaza Strip.

The series of Lior Raz y Avi Issacharoff narrates, from the point of view of a former agent of the Israel Defense Forces, the most combative part of the conflict. It stars Raz himself, who is currently defending Israel of the attacks of Hamas.

Fauda tells the story of a former agent of the Israeli forces who must return from retirement to hunt down a Palestinian terrorist who they thought was dead. It has four seasons of 12 episodes each and the fifth part is expected to premiere during the second half of 2024.

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