The Paris summer will not be a tourist par excellence.. Violent protests hit the Strip

Violent protests in various parts of France have begun to weigh on the tourism sector, which accounts for more than 7% of France’s economy and has a value of $230 billion.

The country is currently witnessing the cancellation of reservations and hotels and restaurants are damaged by riots.

According to the main association of hotel and restaurant owners, “hotels that are members of the association witnessed a wave of cancellation of reservations in all areas affected by vandalism and clashes.”

The association turned to the French authorities, asking them to take measures to ensure the safety of workers in the hotel and restaurant sector in the most famous tourist destinations in the world.

The French Retail Federation also announced that the riots “led to the vandalism, looting or burning of more than 100 food stores.

The news indicated that 90 tobacco shops were looted.

For its part, the Association of Independent Hotels and Restaurants in France “GHR” expressed fears that the continuation of violence and riots may cause a wave of cancellations, especially Asian tourists who may postpone or cancel their trips.

The association described what is happening as a negative publicity campaign, which will cost the tourism sector in France tens of millions of euros.

France’s civil aviation authority ordered airlines to cancel flights to and from three airports due to the air traffic controllers’ strike.

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