The Palestine national team achieves a championship-equivalent point in the first round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers

He succeeded Palestine national team In achieving the first point in World Cup qualifiers 2026, with a scoreless draw with Lebanon, in the first round of the joint Asian qualifiers for World Cup 2026 And the 2027 Asian Cup.

The Palestinian national team competes without preparation

Palestine national team
Palestine national team

Today’s point in Sharjah, UAE, is a valuable victory and a special championship for Saleh Palestine national teamEspecially since the team did not undergo any preparation period before today’s match as a result of the fierce war on… Gaza strip And obstacles to traveling and moving where necessary Palestine national team To withdraw from a friendly tournament that was scheduled in Malaysia, on the sidelines of his preparations to compete World Cup qualifiers.

He also failed to gather to prepare locally for World Cup qualifiers Where players had enough Palestine national team By performing individual fitness exercises before gathering to travel to the Emirates to face Lebanon.

The UAE hosted the first match for the Palestine national team against the Lebanese national team, while the second match against Australia will be held at Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium in Kuwait in the second round of the qualifiers next Tuesday.

Ranking of the Palestine national team group

The Australian national team topped the ninth group of qualifiers with 3 points after its victory over Bangladesh, the bottom of the standings, and the Palestinian and Lebanese national teams were tied at one point in third and fourth places.

The first two places in the group qualify for the final stage of the Asian qualifiers for the World Cup. As for the third- and fourth-placed teams, they head to the Asian Cup qualifiers only.

Palestine national team list

Rami Hamada – Naeem Abu Akar – Amr Qaddoura – Abdel Hadi Yassin – Musaab Battat – Musa Fairawi – Muhammad Khalil – Samer Al-Jundi – Camilo Saldana – Mahdi Issa – Muhammad Saleh – Yasser Hamad – Michel Termanini – Muhammad Yamin – Muhammad Bassem – Uday Kharoub- Mahmoud Abu Wardeh – Ataa Jaber – Tamer Siam – Jonathan Zorrilla – Islam Al-Batran – Saleh Shehadeh – Uday Al-Dabbagh – Alaa El-Din Hassan – Mahmoud Wadi – Zaid Qanbar.

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