The one that is coming – season 14 (2023) review: confirms its bad moment and makes it clear that the best years of the Telecinco series on Amazon Prime Video were long behind us

You may like it more or less, but no one can take away from ‘The one that is coming’ the fact of having been one of the most important Spanish series for more than a decade. And it may be that in the beginning it was a little difficult for him to find his own identity, also still thinking a lot about the memory of ‘There is no one living here’but there came a point where the pieces fell into place.

Of course, I won’t be the one to argue with those who continue to enjoy it as much or more than before, but I think that The best years of ‘The one that is coming’ were left behind a long time ago. I could make the easy argument that its audiences support all this, but the fact that lately it has been released earlier in Amazon Prime Video what in Telecinco makes the comparison quite unfair.

A worn series

However, the Mediaset network wanted to make a mark by broadcasting the first episode of season 14 tonight before its arrival on Prime Video starting this Friday, November 10, which will be when the first two episodes arrive. That makes the broadcast of the first on Telecinco a great promotional campaign for Amazon. It’s a shame that has reached a moment in which his thing would be to think about putting an end to ‘The one that is coming’.

As I already told you In the case of the previous season, this partial reboot of the series was an opportunity to get rid of things that were not working and try to return the series to the top. The reality was very different and ‘A clogged pipe, an agonizing sex appeal and the jokes of peace’the episode that airs today on Telecinco, simply confirms all that.

It is true that there are some joys such as what seems like a full-time return of Macarena Gomez -with a nice nod included to the mythical Estela Reynolds- or the curiosity that two characters from ‘The village’ made the jump to ‘The one that is coming’. However, for now the latter has barely contributed anything beyond trying to start getting Cristina into the dynamics of Contubernio 49 (Ana Arias), Martín (Raul Pena) and their baby. And it’s better not to go into the fact that there were several characters in that series that were much funnier…

The One That Comes Scene Season 14

Of the rest, the forced absence of the sadly deceased draws special attention. Laura Gómez-Lacueva and the signing of Rocio Marin to replace her in the role of Greta. If she already thought that the actress seen in ‘Sorry stories’ It was somewhat wasted, I am not very clear how to rate Marín’s work, since he has opted for a logical total continuity that does not work too well. It’s as if he is trying to copy Gómez-Lacueva’s mannerisms, but what he conveys remains in a strange no man’s land. And it’s not because his interpretation is bad, but rather because he had an overly complicated mission. I hope he finds his place in later episodes.

In fact, the idea that predominates there extends to the rest of the episode, and that is that ‘The one that is coming’ is going around the same thing a bit -the Amador and Cuqui plot is a good example of this-, without worrying about fully squeezing the possibilities of the new neighbors. And there has always been overbooking of characters in the series, which led to an excessive duration of its episodes, but now is the time for new energy.

Yes, there are still traces of that characteristic incorrectness of the series, but even its most emblematic characters are already worn out. I did like the previous season that, at least for a few episodes, showed a somewhat different Antonio Recio, but he soon returned to his old ways and here he continues the same. If you even remember one of his greatest hits from his past. However, it is fair to recognize that this rivalry with the marchioness played by Inma Pérez-Quirós It can give us some joy.

Season 14 The One That Comes

In the end, his main problem is that his marked tendency to excess has reached a point where he does not give much more of himself. Laughing at the episodes has become quite a rarity, and maybe it’s partly me, but I couldn’t help but think that it was ‘The One That’s Coming’ and not ‘The Town’ that was the series that should have come to an end – because it was obvious that ‘Alpha Males’ He’s not going anywhere for now. The second, although it got out of control with some plots, could still give a lot of play and was still very entertaining, while the one we are now dealing with lives on small sparks. Still enough so that it doesn’t become boring -although its duration weighs a lot-, but less and less common and for my part I think that The best thing is always to know how to say goodbye on time

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