The NHL does not plan a championship in the season following the NBA announcement

The NHL will not repeat an NBA championship in a season.

At least not now.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daley told ESPN on Tuesday that they will not follow their rival’s lead in winter sports this time after the National Basketball Association added the championship for next season.

“There is no consideration for tournaments per season,” Daley told “World Leader” in an email.

The NBA announced earlier this month that it will offer a tournament next season featuring all 30 teams in the league.

The group stage will begin on November 30 and the tournament will run through December 9, with the winner awarded the NBA Cup and players receiving additional monetary compensation.

All tournament matches, except for the championship match, will count toward the standings.

NHL Players Association executive director Marty Walsh told ESPN that a discussion about a championship in the season did not take place between the players.

However, Walsh, who took over as president of the players union in February after a stint as President Joe Biden’s labor secretary, told the outlet he was open to the idea.

“I think it’s worth looking at whatever’s out there,” Walsh said. “I say to the guys all the time, even if you have an idea that you think is a little bit off the wall, just run it with me.

“You never know what turns out to be a great idea.”

Most pressing for NHL players, according to Walsh, is what international hockey possibilities await them.

Players are looking forward to the NHL being able to stage another World Cup of Hockey and return to the Winter Olympics in 2026.

A bid to host the Hockey World Cup in 2024 had to be put on hold after the NHL and the NHLPA agreed last November that it was “feasible” to host next year’s tournament.

NHL players haven’t competed in the Olympics since 2014, and the issue has long been important to them as they look to return to represent their country in 2026.

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