The National Elections Authority assigns the “peace” symbol to candidate Hazem Omar

The Board of Directors of the National Elections Authority, headed by Counselor Hazem Badawy – Vice President of the Court of Cassation, agreed to allocate the “peace” symbol to the candidate Hazem Muhammad Suleiman Muhammad Omar..

Ladder symbol
Ladder symbol

The Board of Directors of the National Elections Authority held a meeting this afternoon, Wednesday, and during its meeting, the Authority reviewed the choices of candidates for the 2024 presidential elections for electoral symbols in light of what the candidates expressed according to the priority of their submission of nomination papers..

The National Elections Authority is scheduled to announce the final list of candidates for the presidential elections and their electoral symbols, tomorrow, Thursday, marking the start of the candidates’ electoral campaigns starting tomorrow until the propaganda silence on November 29 regarding the elections for Egyptians abroad, which are scheduled to be held on days (1, 2, 3). ) from next December, while the propaganda silence inside Egypt begins on December 8, when elections will be held internally on the days (10, 11, and 12) of December..

The candidates’ agents have received letters from the National Elections Authority, in the name of each of them, to allow each candidate to open a bank account allocated for his electoral propaganda expenses in one of the two banks: the National Bank of Egypt or the Bank of Egypt, where the financial sums he deposits in his name in that account are tracked, or those that he deposits in his name. He receives from donors to his campaign and its expenditures, in light of what the law stipulates in this regard, which does not exceed a total of 20 million pounds, and 5 million pounds in the case of runoff elections..

The law stipulates that every candidate may receive cash or in-kind donations from Egyptian natural persons, provided that the amount of the donation does not exceed 2% of the maximum limit for spending on the electoral campaign..

The National Elections Authority, in coordination with the ministries and concerned authorities, follows up on all preparations for the necessary arrangements for the formation of general electoral committees in the various governorates of the Republic, and the subcommittees affiliated with each of them, which are supervised by members of the various judicial authorities and bodies, in addition to all the necessary papers for the electoral process following the end of the legal period. Specified concessions, scheduled for November 15, in addition to communicating with the Educational Buildings Authority to determine the locations of the electoral centers.

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