The Nation / Pinky is still looking for the Brain

  • By Josías Enciso Romero

His name was Pinky, but they called him Foca. She jumped and applauded ecstatically for every stupid thing that Marito’s boss said or did. Similar to a ball to display your juggling skills with your snout. Like a soul driven by the devil, I rushed away from any approximation or similarity to that organ that we define as the brain. Nothing causes as much fear as the unknown. In his moments of greatest lucidity he stammered some nonsense that was difficult to translate into good romance. He repeated the script that the less stupid people wrote for him and, to make matters worse, he repeated it wrong. And it wasn’t a big deal in that zoo of unrepentant solipeds either. He was one of those who procrastinated even during “recess,” because he would go out to the patio when everyone was already back in the classroom. He did not use the eraser to erase his mistakes, but to destroy the notebook page. Every time he copied something from the blackboard he broke the tip of the pencil. This is how misunderstood the boy already seemed. Afterwards, he kept breaking up.

For the newspaper that was born with faith in silver, and with the blessing of the bloody dictator Alfredo Stroessner, any bodoque who speaks ill of Chartism can become a star. For that medium, obviously. Fantasizing about being a mix of Brad Pitt and Noam Chomsky, he struts before the cameras of the TV version of the Zuccolillian network. After the new republican intellectual – who made Blas Garay, Natalicio González and Epifanio Méndez Fleitas pale with envy – Gerardo Soria, comes Pinky in terms of amount of footage, minutes and hours spent in the aforementioned media corporation. A few days ago, the Spanish writer and psychiatrist Enrique Rojas, author of the classic “The Light Man,” was in Paraguay, but they did not give him a chance. Deputy Mauricio Espínola monopolized the stage. What significance can an intellectual of universal stature have in the face of the brilliant musings of the Marioabdist legislator, who never left the streets of Moguer? What Platero had was soft, he has it as rough.

You have to admit that it has a special quality. Very particular. Of his own. Attack any topic with terrifying audacity. It does not even respect a five-strand barbed wire fence. From quantum physics to the frozen must that is squeezed with a wooden mill, passing through the black hole, the ozone layer, the famous phrases of Don Mario, the seven goats and the ojeo. And, lately, he even gives his opinion on politics. She gets angry at what he thinks is wrong and also because he corrects himself, which he believes was wrong. A typical case of bipolarity. Instead of rejoicing at what could have been the victory of his cause, he becomes upset, spits bile, rants and even wants to be ironic. He wants to, because, finally, the product is a kind of mbeju with garlic, lemon and wormwood. My grandmother would say: “Not even candy.”

President Santiago Peña’s decision to dismiss all Itaipú employees who joined the binational entity through a questioned external selection process was correct. The thing smelled rotten. Contaminated by high-ranking officials to benefit children, sisters and lovers. However, in the event that “the righteous can pay for the sinners,” he decided to review his initial position. A huge gesture of humanity. But for Pinky it was a fierce pushback. Repeating the ditty of her friend’s diary. For him, what is crooked is right, and what is right must be crooked. This is how the hole he has in his head works instead of a brain mass. Because in such a way he became accustomed during the government of Mario Abdo Benítez to whom he was deputy political advisor minister, where illegality was the norm. And the legal norm was the least important thing. And so the show continues to the beat of the gallop, at least for Mauri, who remains locked in his Smurf thermos with wild eyes. When the morbidity runs out, the newspaper on Yegros Street will replace it with another star of the first magnitude. Just as happened with Soria. Until then.

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