The mayors tremble: Mauricio DAlessandro threw a huge data on Mauricio Macri

Instead of giving a verdict, D’Alessandro made the analysis more complex. He explained that the mayors “always have a place to scratch” and recalled a characteristic of former President Macri’s personality: “he is very spiteful.”

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Mauricio D’Alessandro and a little-known fact about Mauricio Macri

“The best example is Miguel Lunghi in Tandil. He has been opposition even when he governed Maria Eugenia Vidal and he always managed to get the best things for his city,” he said.

He even said that the radical mayor himself revealed the secret of his success: “I am the only one who goes with the folder, I present the project and ask for the money.” “I think it depends a lot on the way the mayors exercise their position. Obviously if you are the mayor of San Martín and your Minister of Works is Katopodis it is much easier, but I don’t think it will be complicated for them,” he said.

“The mayors are not clear if they prefer Macri. Many of the mayors who today have the possibility of participating in the runoff, when Macri offered to visit them during the campaign, they were told no… Macri writes down, he writes down everything. He is very spiteful, added to his analysis.

That fact gave rise to a not-so-known anecdote about Mauricio D’Alessandro and two other “famous Mauritiuses”: Macri and Shocklender.

“I know him from a very young age because he was born in Tandil like me and we went to the same garden, garden 1. The Shocklenders also went,” he narrated.

The anecdote ends with the fire of the Garden building. “We survived that and they didn’t set it on fire, eh…” she clarified in conclusion.

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