The Liesborn Carnival hits like a comet

The Rose Monday friends celebrated the start of the new carnival session in Liesborn. A new motto was also presented.

Liesborn (jm) – “Liesborn Helau”: The Rose Monday friends celebrated the start of the new carnival session in the monastery courtyard. The motto is: “Liesborn Carnival – hits like a comet”.

At 7:33 p.m. the Elferrat and the Romofunken marched into the packed hall. Afterwards, the Romofunken maxiguard showed their skills on stage. This performance was very special for the girls as they presented themselves in a new constellation for the first time this year. The guests were then welcomed by Rudolf Winkelhorst and then guided through the evening.

First there was a review of the year by Jonas Henke. In the last carnival session in Liesborn everything was under the motto “50 years of carnival in Liesborn – we say thank you!”. Mayor Christian Thegelkamp worked up a sweat when the town hall was stormed. Another highlight of the session was the carnival party in the marquee. “We were able to celebrate together and watch exciting shows,” said Henke. As every year, the highlight of the session was the Rose Monday parade.

There are changes in the Eleven Council: On the one hand, Elisa Drees, Philipp Drees, Markus Bismor and Simon Isfort were re-elected. There was also an application for the Elferrat: Kathrin Bismor was accepted. “We are very happy about it. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find people to volunteer,” emphasized Winkelhorst.

Dance groups show off their skills

The Romofunken junior guard showed the audience their dancing skills at the start of the carnival in Liesborn.The junior guard of the Romofunken showed the audience their dancing skills. The dances performed and the lifting figures shown by the 15 dancers caused enthusiasm in the audience. Another highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the new motto with a film.

This year everything will be under the motto “Liesborn Carnival – hits like a comet”. “A lot of brainpower went into this film,” Winkelhorst said. In the contribution, some members of the club demonstrated their acting talent. It was about a comet that is supposed to hit Liesborn; various characters try to stop it. But they don’t succeed – and the comet hits the middle of the carnival square. The film shown was well received by the audience.

“Kommando Konfetti” presents the program

The “Konfetti Commando” then showed an excerpt from their new program. This year’s motto is: “A circus full of jesters”. The group thrilled the guests with various colorful costumes and music from “The Greatest Showman”. The “Commando Confetti” can be seen on January 25th at the senior carnival, on January 26th at the women’s carnival and on February 2nd at the community carnival, both in the Klosterhof in Liesborn.

The Romofunken active guard completed the program. Nine dancers showed off their skills on stage and received lots of applause from the audience. In addition to guard dance, they also presented some lifting figures. The atmosphere in the monastery courtyard was exuberant and the anticipation for the new session was visible.

On February 8th, the Rose Monday friends start storming the town hall. The celebration in the marquee is scheduled to take place on February 10th at 7:33 p.m. The highlight of the session is February 12th with the Liesborn Rose Monday parade.

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