The launch of the joint security exercise between the Saudi and Bahraini Royal Guards

Within the continuous cooperation and coordination between the Presidency of the Saudi Royal Guard and the Bahraini Royal Guard, and under the direct supervision of the Chief of the Saudi Royal Guard, Lieutenant General Suhail bin Saqr Al-Mutairi, and the National Security Adviser, Secretary-General of the Supreme Defense Council, Commander of the Bahraini Royal Guard, Lieutenant General Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

The activities of the joint security exercise between the Saudi Royal Guard and the Bahraini Royal Guard “Guard” were launched in the Royal Guard Training City in Riyadh.

The commander of the exercise, Brigadier General Sultan bin Khalil bin Hadlan, gave a briefing on the joint exercise “Guard”, with the participation of group leaders from the Saudi and Bahraini sides.

The joint exercise “Guard” is the first of its kind between the two sectors, and comes as an affirmation of the depth of bilateral relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain, which is a model and reflects a reality of unity of common destiny.

The exercise aims to enhance means of cooperation and exchange of military and security expertise and experience between the two brotherly countries and to raise the efficiency of the participants in missions of security and protection of personalities, weapons, shooting and special operations.

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