The launch of the first journeys of the Al-Mashaer Train, and 7,500 employees are in service

With the good tidings of the seventh day of Dhul-Hijjah, the first trips of the Holy Mashaer Train for the Hajj season of 1444 began, and it will last for seven days, during which the pilgrims of the Sacred House of God will be transported via the Holy Mashaer Train between its nine stations in Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah.

Over the past months, the Al-Mashaer train has witnessed heavy maintenance work for all 17 trains, and the development of all operational systems, whether for trains or signaling and communication systems, and the systems used in the operation and control center. This was followed by conducting the two phases of pre-trial and experimental operation, to ensure the readiness of the trains. stations that lasted 90 days.

Al Mashaer Train has contracted with more than 7,500 seasonal employees to manage the crowds inside the train stations, including speakers of several languages, including: (English, Urdu, Turkish, Nigerian, Indonesian), in addition to the Arabic language.

The Director General of Operations at the Holy Sites Train, Eng. Musa Al-Zahrani, affirmed the pride of the employees of the Holy Sites Train in the role that SAR plays in serving the guests of Rahman, and their full awareness of the great duty it performs to serve them, by harnessing all material and human capabilities. To facilitate the journey of pilgrims to the Sacred House of God and facilitate their movements while performing their rituals with all security and reassurance.

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