The kingdom competes with America

After Saudi Arabia was able to play dominant roles in global sports, the electric car industry, and emerging technology companies; The American Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the Kingdom’s next goal is to contribute to a major effort in biological research aimed at developing new drugs for aging diseases. She added that the Kingdom allocated one billion dollars annually to the (Hivolution Foundation – Health and Development), which is based in Riyadh. She explained that this Saudi endeavor is the largest support for anti-aging research. Which gets funding from the US government, through the US National Institute on Aging. The American newspaper stated that Saudi Arabia provided the American Federation for Geriatric Research; It is a non-profit organization, with $7.76 million. And it quoted the CEO of the Saudi Hyvolution Foundation, Dr. Mahmoud Khan, as saying, “Most of that support will go to universities and emerging American companies seeking to develop drugs aimed at slowing or preventing aging.” Brock Jensen, chief scientist at Gordian Biotechnology in San Francisco, said Saudi Arabia’s Hyvolution Foundation has supported the nonprofit Norn Group with $7 million. Hivolution was established by royal decree in 2018. It does not conduct independent research, but rather aims to work with existing scientific and research institutions to provide funds for them to fill the funding gaps they face. Although the Saudi Foundation has not provided more than $20 million in support since its launch in 2022, Dr. Khan told (The Wall Street Journal) that he expects the support to rise to $1 billion over a period of two to four years.

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