The King of Jordan warns against transgressing the Palestinians in any peace agreement

Jordanian King Abdullah II said that the efforts of the United States of America to achieve peace between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Israel may lead to a new horizon in the region, but he warned against overstepping the Palestinians.

Abdullah II pointed out – during the Middle East Global Summit in New York – that there are requirements for Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States, but it is necessary to take into account what the Palestinians will gain and what the region will gain from this matter, indicating that everyone is concerned with this issue.

He explained that part of the challenge lies in the Israeli government and the belief that it can bypass Palestine and deal with the Arabs, indicating that this is not possible and true peace will not be reached without a solution to the Palestinian issue.

The Jordanian King pointed to the necessity of transitioning to a new Palestinian generation of leaders, adding, “This is one of the issues that we must understand: Where are the Palestinians heading?”

He pointed out that it is important for Jordan, the Arab countries, the United States and Israel to be able to reach the younger generation of Palestinians and engage in dialogue with them.

Yesterday, Thursday, in an interview with the American Fox News network, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman confirmed that the Palestinian issue is important to the Kingdom, is part of the process, and must be resolved.

He explained, “There is an effort by the administration of (US President Joe) Biden to reach a peace agreement between us and Israel. For us, the Palestinian issue is very important, and we need to solve this part.”

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