The Jordanian King: The solution in Syria is step by step and the future of refugees in their country

Today (Tuesday), Jordanian King Abdullah II warned of the dangers of a lack of international humanitarian support for refugees, stressing before the United Nations General Assembly at its 78th session that the future of Syrian refugees is in their country and not in the host countries, and Jordan will not be able to care for and secure the Syrians and must provide International solution.

The Jordanian king called for finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria, suggesting that the solution be based on the principle of step by step.

He pointed out that there are 230,000 Syrian children born in Jordan since 2011, and his country hosts 1.4 million Syrian refugees on its soil.

The Jordanian King called for finding a solution to a number of crises hitting the region and the world, most notably famines, refugees, Syria, and the Palestinian issue.

The Jordanian King said: This year, more than any other, has witnessed a greater number of famines and refugees around the world, noting that refugees constitute a third of Jordan’s population.

He added: “Fear and need are increasing among refugees fleeing to Europe, and we are doing everything we can to ensure the security and comfort of the refugees,” explaining that his country is one of the most water-scarce countries in the world and does not have the capacity or resources to host more refugees.

He pointed out that the world will not tolerate it moving on, leaving a lost generation behind, stressing: “We will protect our country against any threats that may be caused by crises in the region.”

Regarding the Palestinian issue, King Abdullah said: “As long as uncertainty surrounds the future of the Palestinians, it is difficult to agree on ending the conflict, and the world must end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to achieve regional development,” pointing out that suffering will continue in the region until the world helps in ending the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Being the central issue in the Middle East.

He added: “After seven and a half decades, the fires of conflict are still burning, indicating that 5 million Palestinians live under occupation, without civil rights, no freedom of movement, and no decision to manage their lives.

He pointed out that the United Nations recognizes the equal rights of the Palestinian people to a future blessed with peace, dignity and hope, and this is the essence of the two-state solution, the only path towards comprehensive and lasting peace, warning of the danger of depriving the Palestinians of exercising the right to express and achieve their national identity at a time when the Israelis are engaged in expressing Their national identity and defending it.

He pointed out that the basic requirement for this right is the establishment of their independent and viable state on the lines of June 4, 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital. To live in security, peace and prosperity alongside Israel, stressing that Jerusalem remains a focus of international concern and attention, and under the Hashemite custodianship of Islamic and Christian holy sites, Jordan continues its commitment to preserving the identity of the Holy City, but protecting Jerusalem as a city of faith and peace for followers of Islam, Christianity and Judaism is a responsibility that falls on all of us. .

He continued, saying: “We meet here as partners to address the challenges facing us, and in order to build a better future. We speak here for the benefit of our peoples, we speak for the sake of families and future generations, and we speak for the victims of conflicts, displacement, hunger, and disasters caused by climate change, and others,” concluding by saying: “They are not just statistics and numbers. They are our brothers and sisters in humanity and our partners in our world, and we have no choice but to rebuild trust and work in solidarity, so that we can create the future that our people aspire to and deserve. We cannot allow an entire generation to be lost while we are in a position of responsibility.

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