The Israeli army withdraws from Jenin camp after the killing of 14 Palestinians

A large force stormed in Israeli army The camp, after midnight on Wednesday, and clashes took place that led to the killing of 14 Palestinians and the wounding of more than 20 by army bullets, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

The Israeli army confirmed that it was carrying out operations in Jenin and would issue a statement after they were completed, without providing further details.

Eyewitnesses said that violent confrontations broke out in the camp, and that the army surrounded schools and Ibn Sina Hospital in the city. Embryo.

The acting governor of Jenin, Kamal Abu Al-Rub, told Agence France-Presse: “What is happening in the Jenin camp is war, and the Israeli army is besieging the camp. We can no longer distinguish the number of martyrs or injuries.”

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned in the strongest terms the Israeli forces’ storming of the city of Jenin, its camp and its towns in particular.

The ministry said in a statement that the storming “left dozens dead and injured, in addition to widespread destruction of infrastructure and homes and intimidation of defenseless civilian citizens, including children, women, school students, and teaching staff.”

The Ministry once again warned against “the consequences of the Israeli forces exploiting the global preoccupation with the aggression against.” Gaza And its victims and its devastating effects, to single out the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, to implement its racist colonial plans, accelerate the gradual annexation of the West Bank, and expand the circles of extrajudicial killing, in an attempt to break the will of steadfastness among our people.”

She saw in this “ugly exploitation and exclusivity an attempt to explode the situation in the West Bank and enter it into a spiral of violence that is difficult to control, something that the Ministry has always warned against, especially its repercussions on the conflict arena and the entire region.”

The ministry stated that “the Israeli authorities are practicing collective punishment on… Palestinian people In the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, it is trying to impose new changes on reality by force, in a way that serves its map of colonial interests.

She called on the international community to “intervene quickly to stop the occupation’s aggression against our people, force the occupying state to submit to the international will for peace, and end its occupation of the land of the State of Palestine before it is too late.”

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