The interaction of the president of the Spanish Football Federation with the women’s national team

Jorge Vilda, coach of Spain’s women’s national team, which won the World Cup a few days ago, criticized the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, describing the moment he kissed player Jenny Hermoso as “inappropriate and unacceptable.”

And Rubiales decided yesterday, Saturday, not to resign from his position, despite the decision of the International Football Association (FIFA) to temporarily suspend him for a period of 90 days from all activities related to the game.

A statement issued by the Spanish Football Federation stated that the federation had received a notification from FIFA regarding the temporary suspension of Rubiales for a period of 90 days, and that Vice President Pedro Roca Junco would be the acting president.

The statement indicated that Rubiales “has full confidence in the FIFA bodies,” and in this way “he is given the opportunity to start his defense until the truth triumphs and his complete innocence is proven.”

For his part, Spanish Sports Minister Mikel Eseta told El Pais newspaper yesterday, Saturday, that “as long as it depends on us, these are the last hours for Rubiales,” as the government plans to do everything in its power to exclude him from the presidency of the Spanish Football Federation.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee continues its investigations into what happened to Rubiales after the final match of the Women’s World Cup, when he kissed player Jennifer Hermoso without her consent.

FIFA also issued two additional directives to prevent Rubiales and the Spanish Football Federation from contacting or attempting to contact Spanish player Jennifer Hermoso or the community close to her.

The members of the coaching staff of the Spanish women’s national team, with the exception of coach Jorge Vilda, decided to resign from their positions yesterday evening, Saturday, in solidarity with Hermoso.

“The events that took place since Spain won the Women’s World Cup for the first time in its history were real nonsense and resulted in an unprecedented situation, and tarnished our deserved victory, the players and our country,” Filda said in a statement reported by the newspaper “Marca” today, Sunday.

“I deeply regret that the coronation of Spanish women’s football has been damaged by the inappropriate behavior of our president until now, Luis Rubiales, which he himself has admitted,” he added.

He explained, “There is no doubt that it is unacceptable and does not reflect at all the principles and values ​​that I defend in my life, in sports in general and in football in particular.”

He concluded his speech by saying, “My work as a national coach for the women’s team and sports director for the women’s national team has always aimed at achieving sporting success, but also at promoting initiatives that promote inclusion, respect and equality.”

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