The informatics team heads to Hungary to participate in the International Olympiad

Today, the Saudi Informatics Team is going to participate for the fourth time in the activities of the 35th International Olympiad in Informatics “IOI”, which will be held in the Republic of Hungary, during the period from August 28 to September 4.

The Kingdom is represented in the International Olympiad in Informatics by a team consisting of four students, they are: Adeeb Al-Shehri, a second secondary grader from Eastern Education, who crowned a training journey amounting to 1884 training hours in “Mawhiba”, and student Hamid Al-Hudhali, a second secondary grader from Eastern Education, crowning a training trip It reached 3044 hours, and the student Issa Al-Mousa, the second secondary grade from Al-Ahsa Education, who received 1084 training hours, and the student Juri Al-Juhani, the third secondary grade from Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Education, who received 1942 training hours.

The participating Saudi team was nominated through a group of competitive programming competitions in the format of the International Informatics Competition “IOI”, to select distinguished students, in addition to looking at the results of students in regional competitions.

The Kingdom’s team participating in the Informatics Olympiad underwent intensive training, under the supervision of specialists in the informatics field, over a period of 5 years, since its members joined the Mawhiba International Olympiad program, specializing in informatics since 2018-2019.

The Kingdom’s participation in the International Olympiad in Informatics and other international competitions comes with a strategic partnership between the Ministry of Education and Mawhiba, which extends for more than two decades. To discover, nurture and empower talented people, as it represents a pioneering model for cooperation between governmental and non-profit institutions. To achieve global achievements by investing in the sons and daughters of the nation.

It also comes within the Mawhiba International Olympiads program, which is held in strategic partnership with the Ministry of Education. Their inclinations are strengthened, empowered and invested in them with its local and international partners.

It is noteworthy that the International Olympiad in Informatics is the largest annual international competition in the field of informatics and the oldest in the world. It targets students under the age of twenty. It is a competitive programming competition for high school students, in which students compete; To hone their informational skills, through problem analysis, designing algorithms and data structures, programming and testing, each contestant has to deal with three tasks, which include problems they have to solve within five hours.

The first Informatics Olympiad in the world was held in Bulgaria in 1989 AD, sponsored by UNESCO and the International Federation for Information Processing IFIP, and the first participation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was in 2019 AD, and it is one of the five International Science Olympiads that are organized around the world, and one of the oldest computer science competitions, It is also the second largest Olympiad competition after the International Mathematics Olympiad in terms of the number of participating countries. Students compete in the competition on an individual basis, as only four students from each country are allowed to participate in the international competition.

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