The goalkeeper scored it with his shoulder .. Watch – the strangest penalty shootout in football

A local championship match in Colombia witnessed one of the strangest and funniest penalty shootouts we have ever seen in world football.

The match was held last Sunday between the San Vicente de Chucori and Concia teams in a local championship, and it was run by a woman and ended in a draw, so the two teams ruled a penalty shootout.

During the penalty shootout, with his team trailing 3-2, Chuukuri No. 10 hit the crossbar and lamented his luck while the Koncia goalkeeper took several steps forward to celebrate missing the kick, but the rebound off the crossbar hit his shoulder and went into the net in A strange and rare shot.

Although the penalty shootout ended with the Concia team winning the match, the goalkeeper with the shoulder goal became a “trend” on social networking sites in Colombia and abroad, and the snapshot was shared by millions of fans of the round witch.

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