The gang attack that left Lautaro Alvaredo brain dead: there is one detainee

Finally this Thursday, the Police reported that there is a person detained for the attack that left him brain dead to Lautaro Alvaredo. This is Román Faray, who was arrested in the middle of the investigation for the brutal gang attack outside a bowling alley in the town of Gregorio de Laferrere.

Faray is identified as the alleged perpetrator of the blow to the back of the head that caused the victim to fall to the ground. Then, Lautaro continued receiving blows that left him unconscious.

Photo: courtesy TN.
Photo: courtesy TN.

Police sources indicated that the perpetrator of the kick that – it is believed – left the 19-year-old in an irreversible state was identified as Ian Agustín Noguera Galeano, also 19 years old.

The video of the attack allows us to appreciate the moment in which the victim, already on the floor, receives a brutal kick to the head, which would be what caused his brain death.

Noguera Galeano’s house was raided and the suspect’s mother said that he had run away with his father.

Regarding the third designated aggressor, from the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) Thematic Intentional Homicides of the La Matanza Judicial Department, they explained that he is the one who kicks the victim again, when he is squatting, before falling to the ground.

The case is in charge of Fernando Garate, Homicide Prosecutor of La Matanza. In parallel with the arrest of those responsible for the attack, investigators are seeking to determine whether due to the blow to the back of the head, Lautaro fell to the ground unconscious or it was the criminal kick that caused his irreversible state of health.

The heartbreaking testimony of Lautaro Alvaredo’s father

Lautaro Alvaredo is 19 years old and is admitted to a hospital with brain death. He went out dancing for the third time in his life and a group of around 10 boys gave him a brutal beating that left him in that state. His case has many similarities with that of Fernando Báez Sosa.

Moved by the situation, his father spoke with the Telenoche program and expressed: “The only thing my son did was not defend himself.” Furthermore, he burst into tears when talking about what happened.

“It was the third or fourth time I went to a bowling alley. In the videos it is clear how he raises his hand as if to say ‘I have nothing to do with it’ and they pay him from behind. They don’t even give him a chance to defend himself, it’s not a hand-to-hand fight. He falls to the ground and can’t even stand up because they keep hitting him. They went to kill him for the sake of killing him. “I don’t know what to think,” he said.

Also, through tears, she said that her son arrived at the hospital half unconscious and that from time to time he opened his eyes. In those moments, he told her to “be strong.” “He endured three cardiac arrests, three seizures and no one treated him. Fourteen hours we waited for an ambulance. At the first clinic they didn’t have enough for a CT scan, and they told me that he was on drugs. “He didn’t smoke, he didn’t drink, nothing.”

“He was trying hard to be with me. Maybe if they had treated him sooner, if they had done something, if the ambulance had arrived sooner, he could have been saved. The helplessness that he gives me is terrible, especially when I saw the videos and saw that he didn’t look for anything,” she added.

At the same time, he highlighted the terrible actions of the ambulance, the doctors and the police. “No one helped him. The patrolman did not want to take him, a friend of his took charge, told him to take them and they took him to a nursery that lacks everything Lautaro needed. When I told them that he had social work, they washed their hands, they asked me for thousands of papers, the land receipt. Did you think that in that state I was going to remember the receipt? “He commented indignantly.

In this way he remembered his son and said that “they went everywhere together.” “We were one,” she lamented and asked for justice for Lautaro.

The beating of Lautaro outside a bowling alley in Laferrere: Burlando will assist the family

Meanwhile, Daiana, the aunt of the young man who was hospitalized with brain death after being brutally attacked by a mob outside the Cyrux bowling alley in Laferrere, also spoke. The woman desperately asked in the media for the lawyer, Fernando Burlando, to help them.

Burlando spoke about Cirio after the Insaurralde scandal: “His assets come from before Martín…”

“We want you to help us because it is a case equal to that of Fernando Báez Sosa,” Daiana asked. At the same time, she spoke of the deep pain that his family is experiencing: “Lautaro was a good boy, he dedicated himself to studying. Imagine that it was the fourth time that he stepped into a bowling alley at 19 years old, that’s where you get an idea of ​​the kind of kid he was.”

Legal dispute on air: Fernando Burlando confronted Lotocki’s lawyer over the death of Silvina Luna

Immediately, Burlando called the TN media outlet where she had placed the request and communicated with the woman through the afternoon news team. “I am willing to give a hand selflessly. “I am here to listen to you without any inconvenience,” the lawyer told him.

“I ask you with a hand on my heart for my cousin that this be resolved, that the culprit be found. Because he has information about one, but there are more who hit him,” Daiana told Burlando and he confirmed that he will be at his disposal for whatever they need.

Fernando Burlando provided details about the autopsy of Silvina Luna’s body

In this context, the lawyer brought up the case of young Báez Sosa, about which he stated: “It seems that sometimes bad experiences do not generate lessons. I believe that many young people did become aware, but there are always leaks that allow us to see more tragedies. “It is not the first time this has happened since Fernando.” And he highlighted: “Fernando’s case was a pivotal case, many people became aware of the seriousness of these acts of aggression. “I still have faith that prudence wins over violence.”

The case of Lautaro Alvaredo upon leaving Cyrux

Minutes before the violent episode, Lautaro had sent a message to his father to reassure him that “everything was fine.” “Well, take care of yourself and stay away from problems,” his father asked him.

Diego Alvaredo, the victim’s father, shared on his Facebook account the last conversation he had with his son minutes before he was brutally murdered with a kick to the head.

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