The fun reunion of ‘Modern Family’ with an absentee

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It has been more than three years since Modern Family It ended. The hilarious ABC series aired its last episode in April 2020, but the actors in the cast, who during the years of filming became almost a real family, continue to maintain a fantastic relationship. As proof of this, the images of the fun reunion they have had. Chatting, toasting, reliving family poses or laughing out loud, they showed that they get along wonderfully. and they are very fond of each other. Some of the photos and videos they have published are surprising because of how much the younger actors have changed, especially Rico Rodríguez (Manny) y Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Lily). There was only one absentee: Ty Burrell, Phil Dunphy in fiction couldn’t attend, but they kept him in mind with a photo! Press play and don’t miss it.

What a change! This is now Rico Rodriguez, the actor who played Manny in ‘Modern Family’

-The great change of the actress who played Lily in ‘Modern Family’, from girl to teenager

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