The full story of Angelina Jolie’s crisis with her father because of her support for the people of Gaza

The Hollywood star made sure Angelina Jolie She addressed what was happening in Gaza recently through her Instagram account through a long post, in which she called for a ceasefire and an immediate end to the war, along with the entry of humanitarian aid to Gaza and its people who are suffering greatly from what is happening.

Angelina Jolie was not satisfied with that, but she also continued to denounce what was happening, after mentioning that she had visited this place before – in reference to the Gaza Strip – and knew how much suffering the people there were suffering inside the Strip, and therefore aid must be delivered immediately.

Angelina Jolie's words about Gaza
Angelina Jolie’s words about Gaza

She wrote in text: “Gaza has a population of more than two million people (half of whom are children), living under a severe siege for nearly two decades, in addition to decades of displacement and statelessness. The few aid trucks currently entering the country constitute a small fraction of what is He is wanted and was delivered more often before the strikes. The bombings create daily humanitarian needs, and the deprivation of aid, fuel and water can only be called collective punishment for the people. Therefore, from the reality of humanity, it is necessary to demand an immediate ceasefire, as the lives of Palestinians and Israelis and the lives of all people are at stake. “Globally, it is equally important.”

Jon Voight
Jon Voight

All of the above did not go unnoticed by the supporters of the Zionist entity, as she was faced with major attacks from them. She did not imagine that it would reach her father, who supports Israel with all his might, as he came out in a video via his account on the platform. X With the flag of the United States of America behind him, he said that he was upset by the recent statements of his daughter, Angelina Jolie, in support of the Palestinian cause.

John Voight added, describing the resistance in Hamas as terrorists and animals trying to exterminate Jews and Christians. He also mentioned that the Palestinians obtained a lot of money that they did not share with anyone, and with it they bought weapons. Then he concluded his words by saying: “And you consider Israel the problem?!”

Angelina Jolie in another photo
Angelina Jolie in another photo

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