The Friends stars pay tribute to their late friend Matthew Perry

On Tuesday, actors Matt LeBlanc and Courteney Cox paid tribute to their colleague in the famous Friends series Matthew Perry Who died, at the end of October, in California.

LeBlanc, who played the role of “Joey” in the series, a close friend of “Chandler”, the character played by Perry, wrote on his Instagram page, “What we experienced was honestly one of the best moments of my life.”

LeBlanc accompanied the post with a group of photos taken from scenes in the series, in which the two actors appear, including a shot of them hugging each other.

Leblanc continued, “It was an honor for me to share the work with you, and to call you my friend,” adding, “Spread your wings and fly far, brother. You are finally free.”

Matthew Perry’s assistant (54 years old) found him dead in the Jacuzzi tub at his home on October 28.

As for actress Courteney Cox, who played the character of “Monica”, Chandler’s friend and then his wife in the series, she posted on her Instagram account the famous scene in which it is announced to viewers that there is a romantic story between “Monica” and “Chandler”, and she wrote, “I am very grateful for every moment.” I spent it with you Matty, I miss you every day.”

Her post is accompanied by a video clip filmed after the end of the scene, in which Cox, in bed with Perry, makes a joke aimed at the audience in the studio.

She said, “In this scene, before we started filming, he whispered a funny phrase to me to say,” and added, “This is how he approached things. He was funny and kind.”

The causes of Perry’s death are still unknown, knowing that the actor had been struggling with drug and alcohol addiction for years, and according to the specialized website TMZ, no drugs were found at the scene of the actor’s death nor any evidence indicating the possibility of a crime having occurred.

Perry’s sudden death sparked a torrent of condolence messages, directed by prominent names in Hollywood, all the way to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Friends series has been a true cultural phenomenon and has left its mark on an entire generation of viewers. It tells the adventures of a group of friends – Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Chandler – in New York, interspersed with romantic relationships between them, especially between Monica and Chandler, and developments that… It ends between Rachel and Ross.

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