The first comment from Ahmed Fattouh after Zamalek’s decision to offer him for sale

Ahmed commented FattouhZamalek player, on the decision to suspend him and offer him for sale in January due to him leaving the team’s camp before the confrontation hit In the gentlemen’s round of the league championship.

The player posted on his official page on the Instagram photo-sharing site a “laughter emoticon” in response to the decisions Zamalek Board of Directors Yesterday, regarding the trio of Lieutenant General Fattouh, Sobhi and Al-Zenari, they were transferred for investigation and put up for sale.

He was Zamalek Council He decided to suspend the players Ahmed Fattouh, Mohamed Sobhi, and Mustafa El-Zenari and refer them for urgent investigation, and presented the result of the investigation to the Council in accordance with FIFA regulations.

Therefore, Ahmed Fattouh, Mohamed Sobhi, and Mustafa El-Zenari are offered for sale, and thanks were also directed to Osorio, his assistant, and Medhat Abdel Hadi..


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