The films of the Argentine National Team, “I choose to believe” and “Muchachos”: When are they released and trailers

An entire country vibrated with the consecration of the Argentina National Team in the Qatar 2022 World Cuptitle that Albiceleste conquered after 36 years at the hand of Lionel Messi inside the field and Lionel Scaloni as a coach. For more than 45 million inhabitants, that month between November and December was like a movie. And, logically, films based more than ever on reality could not be missing. Two will be released in a very short time: “I choose to believe” y “Boys”.

“I choose to believe”, the official film of the Argentine National Team: Release date, trailer and details

“I choose to believe” is the “official” film, since it will feature the testimonies of the protagonists themselves, such as the players, led by Messi and Angel Di Maria, and the coaching staff, Scaloni included. Additionally, he is voiced in the narration by award-winning actor Ricardo Darín. With a duration of 80 minutes, it will be released in theaters on December 7, 11 days before the title’s first anniversary. It is a production by GM Comunicación, Tronito Producadora, Grupo Octubre and Filmsuez.

“Boys, the people’s movie”: Release date, trailer and details

The other film about the world champion team has a completely different tone: in it, the protagonists are the Argentine fans who fascinated the football world both in Qatar and on Albiceleste soil. From the “influencers” who experienced the event in situ to the millions who followed it from their country. With the narration of another prominent actor (Guillermo Francella), this production arising from a story by the writer Hernán Casciari and directed by Jesús Braceras (who played the same role in the acclaimed series “Monzón” about the Argentine boxer) comes from the hand of Pampa Films and Star Distribution. It also premieres on December 7.

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