The fever continued in Vélez due to the controversies vs. Argentines: “The referee doesn’t give a shit”

The fever continues in Vélez due to the 1-1 draw against Argentinos Juniors in La Paternal. After the scandalous finale in which the Fortín players charged against the referee Pablo Echavarria and after the spicy statements of Nicolás Garayalde and Santiago Castro, There were more players who were furious with the judge’s actions, such as Leonardo Jara, Santiago Cáseres and even former soccer player Lucas Castroman.

“The referee doesn’t give a shit about us or what we suffer. He goes home calmly and no one punishes him, no one stops him, nothing. He makes his show and his own party of his. And the VAR’s power went out, it never calls when we play,” Jara expressed hotly, after the equality that left it complicated in the face of relegation to Vélez and that ensured his permanence to Barracas Central.

Cáseres, who was admonished and punched by Echavarría – in fact, that push unleashed the rest of the players – also made a post-match defense. “We feel harmed by the referee and especially by the VAR who chose to look the other way. But they are not going to be able to beat Vélez, we are going to stay in the First Division and we have the possibility of doing it the next date at our home,” said the player, who also shared a photo with the team on his Instagram stories, in which he wrote “against everything, all together.”

The last one to harshly criticize the referee was Castroman, who made a post on social networks with a photo of Echavarría and a harsh message. “This is how football is because of nonsense like this. Send the players home! What a disastrous character!” noted the former Vélez player on his Instagram account.

The story of Santiago Cáseres after the controversial tie between Vélez and Argentinos Juniors.The story of Santiago Cáseres after the controversial tie between Vélez and Argentinos Juniors.
Lucas Castroman's hard post against Pablo Echavarría.Lucas Castroman’s hard post against Pablo Echavarría.

What Garayalde, Castro and Gallego Méndez said

“¿You did not see it? They stole a prison from us. The boy Arasa is always in the VAR against us. I don’t remember a game in which something didn’t go against us. We have to continue, against everyone and take this moment forward. It is a complicated situation that the club is experiencing, the team is making an enormous effort. These situations have been occurring repeatedly over time. Millions of examples: Tigre, Independiente, Racing, Sarmiento, Instituto, today. How often? And I’m not telling you, I’m saying that they were split over a long period of time, they were in six months. It’s us against all and we know it“, said Nicolás Garayalde, in dialogue with ESPN, before getting on the bus to return to Liniers.

Garayalde and Castro post 1-1.Garayalde and Castro post 1-1.

And in a similar vein to what the midfielder said, Santi Castro, defiantly, added: “I don’t know what they want, see Vélez in B? They will be left wanting. We are convinced that we are going to save ourselves and we are going to save ourselves.”

Gallego Méndez, for his part, answered only two questions at the press conference and then left hot. “We knew that there were some guys who arrived with just enough and that they were going to end up getting tired. Based on that we modified. When it was difficult for us to get there, we tried to test the medium more to have more of a brand. They made all offensive changes and it was costing us,” the coach started.

And then, visibly affected, he closed: “Then, the game ends like this… Everyone will draw their own conclusions, guys. I don’t really want to talk anymore. Forgive me. Have a good afternoon.” Got up. And she left.

The truth is that Vélez, in addition to being able to escape due to other people’s results, depends on himself and will face Colón in Liniers on Sunday the 26th. But he would have already taken the final step…


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