The fashionable Vans Old Skool sneakers are heavily discounted on Amazon: everyone…

Vans It is one of the brands of skate best known worldwide and have a model of footwear that has become a trend timeless that everyone wants, specifically with the design of classic old skool sneakers. This shoe is a reference in moda and in comfort and is now available through Amazon where they have gone ahead Black Friday reducing them by 45%. It’s hard to believe but it’s real, they are now available to everyone Spain and they have home delivery in record time, even to Jerez de la Frontera.

The trends are betting on sports shoes with white sole and rubber edge. Are sneakers They are a success not only among people who practice skateboarding, they are also perfect for everyday use and for creating outfits urban style.

Vans Ward Sneaker from Amazon

Vans is a brand known worldwide for its urban stylelas Ward Sneaker classic Old Skool sneakers They were created thinking about people who practice skateboarding, but today they have spread so much that they are used as trendy fashion footwear.

They were initially named Vans No. 36 and made their debut in 1977 with a wave-shaped doodle that was drawn by founder Paul Van Doren. The stripe in question was called ”jazz stripe”, which means jazz stripe. Today it is one of the hallmarks of this footwear that triumphs all over the world.

Vans Ward Sneaker from Amazon
Vans Ward Sneaker from Amazon

This shoe model that Amazon available at a discount that is difficult to overlook, they have become a way to express each person’s way of being, because they are easy to combine with all types of clothing, from pantsa skirts y dresses.

The classic Vans Old Skool sneakers are a model that is sweeping Spain, have very resistant canvas uppers, designed for those who skate and rub their shoes against the ground or skate. It combines the canvas fabric with the suede fabric reinforcement of the toe. They have a very comfortable low shaft because the collar is padded.

Vans Ward Sneaker from Amazon
Vans Ward Sneaker from Amazon

One of the most important features of this shoe is the rubber mesh sole, reinforced on the sides. The combination of the black fabric, added to the white rubber edge, gives it a distinctive touch that many brands have tried to copy, especially when it comes to models with platform.

Features of the Vans Ward Sneaker

  • Flat non-slip rubber reticular sole.
  • Lace-up closure.
  • Combination of canvas and suede fabric.
  • Color: black and white.
  • Reinforced toe.
  • Padded collar.
Vans Ward Sneaker from Amazon
Vans Ward Sneaker from Amazon

Vans Ward Sneaker price

Amazon has a large number of products at unbeatable prices and one of the star items that has surprised the most due to the discount they have are these Vans sneakers that are trending and are the most sought after. They have gotten ahead of the Black Friday sales with a 45% discountgoing from costing 75 euros to the current ones 40,99 euros. Amazon has home delivery, even to Jerez de la Frontera.

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