The Egyptian national team does not know defeat in the opening matches of the World Cup qualifiers

The Egyptian national football team will open its first match in the African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup finals, which will be held in three countries: the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The Pharaohs national team will participate in the first group, which includes Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Guinea Bissau, and Djibouti.

The opening match for the Egyptian national team in the qualifiers brings a good omen throughout all of its participation in it, as the team played 9 opening matches, winning seven of the matches, and drawing on two occasions, and the Egyptian team’s participations are as follows.

The 1990 World Cup qualifiers succeeded in defeating the Liberian national team 2-0, and succeeded in qualifying at that time, topping the group with eight points.

The 1994 World Cup qualifiers defeated Angola 1-0, and did not succeed in this edition of reaching the finals.

In the 1998 World Cup qualifiers, the Egyptian national team swept its counterpart, the Namibia national team, with a score of 7-1, and did not succeed in crossing over either, and at that time the Tunisian national team snatched the crossing ticket.

The 2002 World Cup qualifiers tied with Senegal 0-0 in this edition, and the Senegalese team succeeded in snatching the entry ticket this edition.

The 2006 World Cup qualifiers won this inaugural edition over its brother Sudan, 3-0, and Côte d’Ivoire qualified for this edition.

The 2010 World Cup qualifiers, at the beginning of their career, the Pharaohs team tied with the Zambian team with a goal for each, and the team tied with its Algerian counterpart in the number of points and goals scored and heading to a playoff match, and the brotherly Algerian team succeeded in winning the famous match in Omdurman, winning 1-0 and qualifying.

2014 World Cup qualifiers: The Egyptian national team won the opening of its qualifying campaign by defeating the Mozambique national team 1-0. The Egyptian national team qualified for the playoff match, which pitted it against the Ghana national team and lost in the first leg 6-1, then won the second leg 2-1 so that the Ghana national team secured the qualification card.

World Cup 2018 qualifiers: The Egyptian national team opened its campaign in this edition by defeating the Republic of the Congo national team with a score of 1-0. The Egyptian national team qualified in this edition after topping its group with 13 points towards the World Cup, which was held this edition in Russia.

The 2022 World Cup qualifiers beat the Angola team 1-0 and topped the group with 14 points and qualified for the playoff. It beat the Senegal team 1-0 in the first leg in Cairo and lost with the same score in the second leg. The Egyptian team bid farewell to the World Cup after losing the match on penalties 3-1. .

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