The Egyptian national team defeats Djibouti 6-0 on the night of the Super Cup, Salah’s first hat-trick

Achieve Egypt national team A huge victory in front of Djiboutiwith six unanswered goals, in the match that brought them together this Thursday evening, at Cairo Stadium, within the framework of the first round of qualifiers for the… World Cup 2026From the first group on the continent of Africa.

The first goal came from a cross from the ground Mustafa Mohammed From the left side to reach Mohamed Salah Who shot the ball into the net, and Salah returned to scoring, scoring the second goal from a penalty kick won by Omar Kamal, and Salah’s scoring machine did not stop after the captain scored. Egypt national team “Third goal”Hat-trick“In the 48th minute of the second half, from a cross into the penalty area for Saleh Egypt national team Through Fattouh to reach Mohamed Salah Who shot a wonderful ball into the net, and the fifth goal came from Mustafa Mohamed, taking advantage of a powerful shot by… Trezeguet The goalkeeper blocked it and it reached Mustafa Mohamed, who put it into the net, and Trezeguet was able to score the third goal two minutes before the final whistle.

The Pharaohs’ first attempt came in the third minute from a strong shot from the left of the penalty area by Omar Marmoush, but it was far from the goal. Then a cross ball came into the penalty area for Egypt national team From a corner kick, the defense dispersed it Mohamed Elneny Who shot the ball over the crossbar, and the Portuguese Roy rose Vitoria The coach of the Egyptian national team made a change at the beginning of the second half, with the participation of Ali Gabr instead of Mohamed Abdel Moneim, and the substitutions continued with the exit of Zizou and Mostafa Mohamed and the entry of Trezeguet and Mohamed Sherif.

And included formation Egypt national team Both: “Goalkeeper: Mohamed El-Shenawy, defense line: Omar Kamal – Mohamed Abdel Moneim – Ahmed Sami – Ahmed Fattouh, midfield: Marwan Attia – Mohamed Elneny – Ahmed Sayed Zizou, and in the attack line: Mohamed Salah – Omar Marmoush – Mustafa.” Mohammed”.

While he fought Djibouti national team The meeting with the following formation: “Goalkeeper: Solit, defense: Ali Varada, Musa Arraita, Warsama Ibrahim and Mujih Idris, midfield: Abdi Hamza, Dualeh Mahmoud and Warsama Hassan, and attack: Gabriel Dadzi, Mahdi and Samuel Akinbo.”

There were 25 players on the Egyptian national team list, namely Mohamed El-Shenawy, Mohamed Sobhi, Ahmed El-Shenawy, Mohamed Hani, Omar Kamal, Ali Gabr, Mohamed Abdel Moneim, Ahmed Sami, Rami Rabia, Mohamed Hamdy, Ahmed Fattouh, Tariq Hamed, Marawan Attia, Mohamed Elneny, Imam Ashour, Ahmed Sayed Zizo, Mahmoud Hamada, Hamdy Fathi, Mohamed Salah, and Mostafa. Fathi, Mustafa Muhammad, Muhammad Sharif, Mahmoud Hassan Trezegia, Omar Marmoush, and Hussein Al-Shahat.

FIFA assigned the leadership of the Egypt-Djibouti match in the first round to South African referee Alfred Chavane, who was assisted by: Elfaz Sitole, first assistant, and Kagara Mekwena, second assistant, while Masixole Bambiso is present as fourth referee.

The Pharaohs’ camp began on November 13, and players arrived at the camp on the 13 and 14 of this month. The team, led by Portuguese Rui Vitoria, also trained at Cairo International Stadium in preparation for the Djibouti match.

The price of third class tickets was set at 30 pounds, while the price of second class tickets was set at 50 pounds, and the price of first class tickets was set at 75 pounds, while the prices of cabin tickets would be 250 pounds.

It is worth noting that the sports channels sector of the United Media Services Company succeeded in obtaining the television broadcast rights for all matches of the Egyptian national team in the African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, in cooperation with Ora Developers Egypt, the National Bank of Egypt, and Etisalat Misr. The agreement also included the rights to display summaries. All African teams’ matches in the rest of the qualifying groups, and a number of commercial rights related to the qualifiers.

The management of “On Time Sports” and the sports channels sector at United promised that it would provide a distinguished media service for the qualifying competitions, and integrated coverage for the viewer wherever they are, throughout the period of the qualifying rounds extending from now until 2026, whether through television broadcasting of the matches, analytical studios, or many programs that It will be produced specifically for the African qualifiers.

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