The Egyptian “Fawry” company comments on the news that it was subjected to a cyber attack

Users had reported on some social media pages that the company had been subjected to…Cyber ​​attack AndAccount hacking Customers andData leak.

The company confirmed in a statement addressed to the Egyptian Stock Exchange: “The efficiency and security of its electronic defenses across all its platforms and all its services provided electronically, and that there is no truth to any rumors reported by some on some social media pages that its information system was attacked or hacked.”

Company added immediatelyIt “immediately searched the company’s servers, live broadcast, and based on the tests carried out by the company, it was found that the servers that serve customers and banks were not exposed to any hacks.”

The company stated that “no customer financial or banking data was leaked, and it also states that it applies the highest standards.” Cyber ​​security In accordance with the requirements of global regulatory authorities.

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