The dream couple reveals their big love secret

It was a “love at second sight” but has been going on for almost five years Matthias Schweighofer (42) and Ruby O. Fee (27) a top functioning pair. Now the two revealed why that is so.

“If you let go, you have both hands free.” Ruby O. Fee once wrote down this sentence for her boyfriend Matthias Schweighöfer – around five years ago, at the beginning of their relationship. In an interview with “Vogue”, whose cover motif is the power couple from Berlin and Los Angeles in the October issue, they both talk about how they have held on to their love with both hands for five years and what little handwritten messages they still use with it have to do.

Schweighöfer and Fee: Opposites attract

In America, fans like to give their favorite couples pet names: “Jelena” once stood for the liaison between them Selena Gomez and Justin Bieberfans of Taylor Swift and their football star Travis Kelce rave about “Swelce”. Accordingly, Germany’s current dream couple could be nicknamed “Schweigfee”, “Föfer” or “Rubias”. The two lovers, officially married since 2019, are currently shaking up the acting world. And that’s the secret of success, together.

“Rubias” complement each other. “Vogue” writes that the two are like yin and yang to each other. He is more of a cheeky, funny, loud and fast speaker. “Matthias can spontaneously entertain an entire stadium. I always find that crazy,” admits Fee. She is more the quiet one, the one who observes:

I’m quiet and prefer to listen. That’s why sometimes people think I’m arrogant or unfriendly.

Ruby O. Fee,October 2023

Matthias Schweighöfer and Ruby O. Fee: They are like yin and yang

Matthias Schweighöfer, who will be a candidate from November 5th Joko Winterscheidts Broadcast “Who’s stealing the show?” can be seen, that’s exactly what she loves. “Ruby is a free spirit. She comes from a completely different world than me. It was only through this contrast that I realized what really makes me tick.” He goes on to say in the interview:

Through Ruby and her good nature, I learned to start with people as equals. That was life changing.

Matthias Schweighöfer, October 2023

“Rubias”: It was “just” love at second sight

The two, who met for the first time in 2014 (during the filming of “Bibi & Tina: Completely enchanted!“), but then it took another five years for the “love at second sight” to work, live in Berlin and Los Angeles. While Schweighöfer’s career once began in Germany, his Hollywood career is currently gaining momentum. He played in “Oppenheimer” and various Netflix films, he sat on the hottest talk shows and took part, for example Jimmy Fallon Jokes about the correct pronunciation or the meaning of funny German words.

Fee, born as Ruby Moonstone Camilla Willow Fee in Costa Rica and moved to Berlin in 2008, celebrated in 2010 as a 14-year-old in “Alone against the time” their TV debut, with a leading role. The two are not only a team privately, but also professionally: most recently they both acted together in the Netflix production “Army of Thieves“, At the same time, Fee built her own production company in Berlin. The two are becoming increasingly well-known in America. At the beginning of 2023, they were announced as ambassadors for the New York jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. They are the first German couple to represent the international brand.

Schweighöfer and Fee do talk therapy

“I think we both have a special urge to help shape the world,” says Schweighöfer in the “Vogue” interview, describing the great thing we have in common. However, this world does not begin outside with great ambitions in the film world, but behind normally closed doors. The two are working on their relationship. For years, as Schweighöfer told Barbara Schöneberger’s “Barba Radio”, they have been doing this regularly – once a week – a talk therapy. She opened both of their eyes. “Communication is the most important thing. On many levels,” says Fee. Schweighöfer adds in the interview:

I have learned to communicate better and to put myself in the other person’s shoes.

Matthias Schweighofer,October 2023

They value each other and share hobbies, such as photography. All of this keeps their love fresh. And a little trick, the one with the messages. “We write little handwritten messages to each other in the morning,” says Schweighöfer. “Especially when we have different work rhythms and are on the go a lot. Most of the time we write down things we are grateful for – to each other.”

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