The deep emotion of Donato de Santis when making a wish in PH, Podemos Hablar: “I want him to leave”

The deep emotion of Donato de Santis when making a wish in PH, Podemos Hablar: “I want him to leave”

This season, the program Andy Kusnetzoff, PH, We Can Talk, especially appeals to the guests to be able to convey their emotion regarding the different proposals that arise. In different instances of the Telefe cycle, situations are generated that raise awareness and allow participants to open up and express their feelings.

On this occasion, the members who met with the driver were the actress Laurita Fernandez, the former Big Brother Romina Uhrig, the renowned singer Raúl Lavie, the argentine rapper G Sony and the cook Donato de Santis. In one of the spaces, almost at the end of the program, the jury of Masterchef He broke down when he came to the front of the studio.

With a water fountain in which they could make whatever wishes they wanted, both so that “The water can take whatever it wants so that it can bring what you long for.”, the participants began to share part of their privacy one by one. Romina Uhrig and Laurita agreed on a special request: “May the water take away your insecurities.” and allows them to act freely and more firmly in the situations that arise.”

For his part, when it was the cook’s turn, Donato came to the front. “As a Buddhist, we are taught that to know the present we have to look at the past. And to know the future you also have to look at the past,” he began by saying while observing the fire in front of his eyes. She immediately clarified her saying: “Because the present is the fruit of the past.”

The deep emotion of Donato de Santis when making a wish in PH (PH, Podemos Hablar, Telefe)
The deep emotion of Donato de Santis when making a wish in PH (PH, Podemos Hablar, Telefe)

He then continued: “So I don’t want to get anything back.”. He took one of the coins from the fountainhe held her in his hands and started crying. Unable to utter words, the chef stared at the object he had picked up. He stayed like that for a few moments, breathing deeply to calm himself, while Andy caressed his shoulder. “I want…” he finally uttered but broke down again. At that moment, it was rapper G Sony who grabbed him from behind and slapped him as a sign of affection.

“There is one thing that made me shit,” He said as he left the golden coin inside the fountain. He adjusted his jacket and returned to his place under the complacent gaze of his companions. “And I want it to go away,” He added with his Italian accent, while Andy and Lavié each held him by their side. “Very strong things came out today, poor Donato who couldn’t even speak,” said Kusnetzoff. And then he asked him if he was feeling well. “Yes, yes,” the cook responded, still visibly moved. “Do we share it?” Andy asked, but Donato refused. He flatly said: “No better not”. So at that moment, the driver invited them to come in for a drink to decompress the melancholic atmosphere that had remained in the studio. “There’s nothing a good drink can improve,” he said with a laugh.

It is worth remembering that a few days ago a controversy arose about the experiences created in Andy’s program. On that occasion, the actor Diego ramos He recounted, annoyed, his experience in the cycle when Luisa Albinoni I had asked him about the rumors of a relationship between him and Alejandro Fantino. “Those talks, those questions can occur naturally in a conversation, sometimes it happens due to a generational gap, but you see a lot when it is so forced,” said in an interview in The Eleven Tenimplying that the production of the cycle encourages the guests to investigate these questions. “Sometime later Luisa said that they had coached her, like they had taken her to that place,” the panelist remarked very morning. “The truth is that, between guests, forcing that situation to throw a guest like a piece of meat to the lions, seems striking to me,” he insisted.

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