The decline in the price of gold in the Kingdom today… and 21 karat records “201.50” riyals

Gold prices decreased in Saudi Arabia, with the beginning of trading today, Friday, as the 21-carat gram (the most traded in the Kingdom) recorded about (201.50) riyals, compared to about (202.02) at the close of yesterday, Thursday.

The price of a 24-carat gram was about (230.28) riyals, 22-carat about (211.09) riyals, and 18-carat about (172.71) riyals.

The price of the 21-carat (8 grams) gold pound recorded about (1,934.35) riyals, the 22-carat pound is about (2,026.47) riyals, and the 24-carat pound is about (2,210.69) riyals.

The price of a 5-gram gold ingot was about (1,197.46) riyals, a 10-gram ingot was about (2,367.28) riyals, and a 20-gram ingot was about (4,702.32) riyals.

The 50-gram ingot was about (11,675.21) riyals, the 100-gram ingot was about (23,304.37) riyals, and the 1-kg ingot was about (231,892.25) riyals.

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