The Decision Part 2: Bronny James Has Entered The Transfer Portal

So USC’s head coach Andy Enfield left on Monday for the same position at SMU, due to a combination of him being on the hot seat, SMU having a shit ton of money, and him being unable to inspire the Southern Cal fanbase / win anything important. A McDonald’s All-American asked to be released from his Letter of Intent following the news, and now Bronny is in the portal. Wait, is this breaking the news that he’s not actually a 1-And-Done lottery pick that’s going to team up with his dad in the NBA? Or is that where he’s transferring to, the Detroit Pistons?

Anyways, the general consensus is that Bronny may not have been as good as we all thought he was, so I’d assume that he’s not taking his 4.8 points per game talents with him to Duke, UNC, or Kentucky. I mean, I’d have to think the front-runner in the clubhouse is actually Duquense, where Bron Sr’s best friend / high school teammate is taking over.

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I actually think this would be a good fit for him, playing in the A10. And I’m sure Dru Joyce would take him, partially for being a high recruit and more importantly because of LeBron and all of the good that will bring with him. But if were being honest, do you really want your first head coaching job to be having to cater to your best friends son who actually wasn’t as good as anyone says he is? Obviously for Duquense the NIL and Bron backed sponsors would be worth it, but it’d be a damn tough position to be in if Bronny isn’t even A10 good.

Next on the favorites list has to be Ohio State, right? We all remember the day the pictures broke….

….but if we’re keeping up this Honesty Hour, I don’t really want him either? Bruce Thornton just announced he’s returning, and we just go a transfer committment from former Buckeye, turned SC Gamecock, back to the Buckeyes with Meechie Johnson. That’s our back court, so what is Bronny? Coming off the bench as a sophomore? Plus, like his Dad, he got our hopes up in Ohio and didn’t choose us. I’m okay if he doesn’t again…..although having his Dad (and then his brother) involved in the program could certainly go a long way.

Anywhere else stick out as a landing spot? Akron? No way. Oregon? Maybe cause of the Nike, I guess. But someone is about to pick up a very big name and a lot of attention for 4.8 ppg, 2.8 rpg, and a 36% FG percentage.

Yes, I’m a hater. I wonder if he’ll televise the announcement?

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