The death of Laila Siddiq, the mother of director Adham Medhat Saleh… and Abdel Rahim Kamal mourns her

She died in the early hours of Monday morning. Laila SiddiqThe ex-wife of the artist Medhat Saleh, and the mother of the director Adham Medhat Saleh, after a struggle with illness, as her health condition deteriorated in the past days until she breathed her last.

The writer Abdel Rahim Kamal mourned the deceased and wrote on his Facebook account: “The respected, distinguished, and dear lady, the daughter of the greats, Laila Youssef Siddiq, has died. The honorable and beloved daughter of the great fighter, Al-Hanim Sett Al-Hawanum, has died.”

Abdel Rahim Kamal mourns Laila Siddiq
Abdel Rahim Kamal mourns Laila Siddiq

Lily is a friend The daughter of Youssef Siddiq, one of the most important Free Officers who made the July 23 Revolution, and whom President Sisi honored by giving him the Nile Necklace. She is the mother of director Adham, whom she gave birth to. Artist Medhat Saleh.

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